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    Sleep paralysis/apnea experience

    I've had severe sleep apnea for almost a decade, and it nearly killed me before I got it treated about five years ago. I can say, in my case, that I've never had it mix with sleep paralysis or visions. I'm not saying that I haven't had dream-state type of images hit my soon after sleep, or...
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    Walter Starcke: What am I missing?

    I found it interesting that Walter drew a distinction between himself and the Secret, because much of what he teaches is virtually the same. The modern New Age movement has its roots in 19th century mysticism, and theosophy, and the power of positive thinking, Gnosticism, and many other...
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    Walter Starcke: What am I missing?

    I've been absent from the Paracast forums for about a year, but I was so impressed with Mr. Starcke that I felt compelled to come back and comment. A lot of what Walter Starcke said is not new, but I was particularly impressed by his discussion of objective vs. subjective thoughts and reality...
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    Sort of the opposite of a new guy introducing himself to the board, I'm an old guy saying farewell. In the years I've devoted to the paranormal, reading hundreds of books and magazines, listening to untold hours of podcasts, etc., etc., I can now honestly say that I know less about the subject...
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    Dance, Monkey, Dance

    The Dance Monkeys Dance is profound, entirely because it should be obvious but isn't to most people/monkeys.
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    PBS? Pure BullShit!

    I've heard all this before, but it just further clouds the issues.
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    Oct 5 08 - Hilly Rose and two Angry Humanoids

    I enjoyed the Hilly Rose segment. He seemed like a sensible guy.
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    One of those nights of being bugged again.

    I've had dream state images when I'm half-awake lots of times, but I've always been aware that they were dream images, even when they seemed quite real. For this reason, when Ally says they weren't dream-state visions, I tend to believe her. From what I've seen, there's a big difference in the...
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    UFO Investigator Jeff Ritzmann to Reveal Personal Experiences on The Paracast

    I do not know Jeff personally, but after having listened to him on several different podcasts I feel quite strongly he is telling the truth as he percieved it. I've heard him repeat some of these stories several times and they are always consistent. He shows no signs of being a media whore, or...
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    Musical Interests

    bsvalley: It's cool to be into Country if that's your passion. I like old Country, stuff like Johnny Cash, Willy Nelson, Roy Clark, etc. That's the earliest music I heard. I even sat in with a bluegrass band for a couple shows, once. Nowadays, perhaps due to my age, I dig singer-songwriters...
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    Musical Interests

    I remember Danny Gatton quite well. Intense Telecaster. Very talented.
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    Waterboarding Paola

    I take it the writer missed the last Dr. Greer episode, the great angry hosts vs. the filibuster. This was nothing compared to that episode.
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    Paola Harris

    Rather than argue quantum physics (which is kind of fun to read--I enjoyed your posts), I think it's better to take away that the New Age movement has co-opted the quantum term and using it stupidly in all their various forms of "quantum" mysticism. I watched What the Bleep and the Secret...
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    Paola Harris

    Wow. I just listened to this episode. I congratulate Gene and David for their self control. They let this woman hang herself in inconsistencies and soft logic long before they started questioning her hard. When she gave her explanation of quantum cosmology, even I wanted to yell at her, and...
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    music theory

    You are probably right. It sounds like you know music theory better than I do, or at least better than I remember after a couple of decades. In all fairness, after all these years of playing, all I ever became was pretty good. Good enough to play in bands and really enjoy myself, good...