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  1. Paul Kimball

    Shag Harbour UFO Incident - Cousteaus to Undertake Dive to Investigate

    Along with researchers Chris Styles, Chris Rutkowski, and others, I’ll be speaking at the Shag Harbour UFO Conference over the first weekend in August here in Nova Scotia (my lecture will be a historical overview about the MIB phenomenon). Some interesting news today from the Shag Harbour UFO...
  2. Randall

    Ask Kerry Trent Haggard

    Kerry Trent Haggard is a long time enthusiast of classic horror and UFOs who first learned of the Aurora UFO crash from his friend John Cochran in the summer of 2015. Kerry who had witnessed a flying saucer during his childhood became fascinated with the story, and he and John spent the next...
  3. loki467

    Ufological Dreams Could Abductions Just Be Dreams?

    Ufological Dreams Could Abductions Just Be Dreams? The idea of one dreaming about UFOs and extraterrestrials may not be farfetched for most people to have such dreams occasionally, with abductees and in some cases researchers of ufology...
  4. Randall

    Ask Mr. Stephen Mera BSc.

    Update: Steve Mera Stephen rescheduled due to a family matter. In the meantime, Ask Loren Coleman ...
  5. loki467

    UFOs and the Paranormal Part 1 Two separate phenomena or one in the same?

    UFOs and the Paranormal Part 1 Two separate phenomena or one in the same? There are a lot of theories about the ufo phenomena and always been and spanning from Extraterrestrial, Inter-dimensional, Time travelers, Robots, Demons, Ghost and many others. While true we don’t know, in modern...
  6. Thomas R Morrison

    A recent UFO case with iPhone photos and video

    Here’s a fun recent case that I heard about in a recent interview with Jeff Krause, State Dirtector of MUFON Southern California, which features two photos and a 21-second video clip taken by a 9-year-old girl using her aunt’s iPhone looking out the car window. First she took this photo: And...
  7. loki467

    The Fight for Ufology and UFOs Terms Thought Should Not Be?

    The Fight for Ufology and UFOs_________________________ Terms Thought Should Not Be?________________________ OK, so I suppose we have to have a conversation about these two things, the term UFOs “Unidentified Flying...
  8. loki467

    Question vision during abduction

    When abductees are abducted they speak of being shown visions of the end of the world, is this due to perception to invoke some form of fear simply to see our responses, or it it something else? Is it for science purposes or paranormal?
  9. loki467

    Any abductees want to share your experiences with me?

    Hello my name is Tarl, i am attempting to speak to any alien abductee, its kinda hard to find someone to speak to about there experience due to me not being apart of an organization such as mufon. i would love to speak with anyone who has had an experience and will show the upmost respect and...
  10. The Starman

    Angel's hair is another mystery of the UFO

    Already since the advent of Ufology, some extraterrestrial artifacts have been searched for, to prove that the Earth is actually visited by aliens. One such artifact has become famous and, hunted everywhere. The material is called, "angel's hair". This term in ufology subculture, has nothing to...
  11. Christopher O'Brien

    Doty Episode listener roundtable!

    Due to high interest in last week's show, we are conducting a listener roundtable TODAY to discuss the many interesting revelations we heard from former AFOSI Agent Doty. So far we have Michael Allen and Randall signed up, ANYBODY ELSE AVAILABLE for today's taping at 7 ET/4 PT? If you would...
  12. The Starman

    UFO traces in Europe

    Many people think that reports of unrecognized flying objects are received from the United States only. Some such messages are considered to be fairy-tales, others legist stories about aliens from a outer-space visiting us. UFO's in Europe have been reported since the middle of the last century...
  13. Angel of Ioren

    UFO Book Club Appearance

    Hey everyone, I recently appeared on a podcast and talked about the book The Close Encounters Man by Mark O'Connell, and it was a lot of fun. If you're interested, go have a listen over here: Audioboom / The UFO Book Club - For the Love of Hynek: 'The Close Encounters Man' by Mark O'Connell...
  14. LiquidCoax

    Luis Elizondo Interview for the 2018 International UFO Congress (Video)

    I thought I would post the Luis Elizondo interview from the 2018 UFO Congress for those of us who were unable to attend. Disclaimer: this is only about 35mins of the fullinterview. The full interview is only available through the UFO Congress VOD page. I think its about $3 to "rent" but you can...
  15. The Starman

    Christians and ufology. Overview

    We are not authorized to deny that there are creatures in other stars that are completely different from ours. Cardinal Nicolaus Cusanus (1401 - 1464) In today's world, where every tenth becomes a prophet with all the followers of the crowd, and every third claims to have seen the UFOs who...
  16. The Starman

    Abduction anatomy

    In ufology, this term, "abduction," is called when human is/are taken inside the UFO's. Usually abduction takes place without the abductee consent, against his will, but without the use of physical force. Usually this happens as if during the trance, the person himself enters the UFO...
  17. The Starman

    Alien contacts / critical point of view

    At the press, at least earlier, it was quite often spoken about human contacts with extraterrestrial beings. Some people interested in contacts with aliens are unconditionally confident in any information provided on this topic, another part is skeptical about this information. So, let's look at...
  18. The Starman

    Hello human beings

    Hello , I'm reading UFO books , researching stuff on internet for about 12-13 years . I write UFO article's in my native lithuanian language . But i do have plans translate some of them into english and post here . I'm a friendy person and i respect everyone's opinion . Looking forward to...
  19. The Starman

    UFO phenomenon or religion incognito ?

    Is the UFO not only a pseudo-science about unrecognized flying objects, alien abductions, but also religion? One of the many "alien kidnappers" of Billy Meir's UFO photography. "FOX tv" acquired rights to this photo, from then on it became a photo of the popular US-series X-files, Detective...
  20. Randall

    The Field of Ufology

    There's been a recurring debate and discussion about ufology that focuses on what it is and how it should be treated. In this thread I'm going to attempt to outline and refine my views on that, and they will be reflected on the USI website. During this process ideas, comments, suggestions, and...