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  • Good evening Chris. I live in the UK ... I play slide guitar and some fiddle, some blues harp ,It was great to hear you connect with Jacques Vallee on the programme today, I'm an enthusiast like you and to connect with your heroes is rare, most I've met have feet of clay,
    I really felt for you today, you reminded me of me !! I hope your health improves and like is kind to you and yours.
    Cheers Charles
    Hi Chris I'd really appreciate any links to your music. The intro music to After the Paracast is intriguing and I'd love to hear more.

    Thanks and best regards :)
    Hi, I've just finished 'Stalking The Herd' and was enthralled by the details and connections of the many cases. I have started two threads and would appreciate your input. I'm researching my own book on the subject, but covering three books: Missing411, Dead Mountain (Dyatlov Pass) and Stalking The Herd.
    I'm a big fan of yours and really appreciate the work you put into everything you do. Keep it up, and bring back J C Johnson would love to hear what he's been up to.
    Gern geschehen (you're welcome). Thanks for the honorable mention on the last show, I really appreciate it.
    Hey man, hope all is well. Gene said he'd pointed you towards my post/case. I've been trying to get you in on this a year. Please take a look at the post if you can and let me know your opinion on what to do. Thanks, man.
    Christopher O'Brien
    Christopher O'Brien
    Will do later in the week, super jammed w/ the book and media stuff...hang in there ... :)
    Hey Chris. I understand you're completely busy, and I really appreciate your replying and being willing to check out the post when you get the time. You and Gene have been great both on the show and on the board. I appreciate y'alls work and assistance. Thanks again.
    Hello Chris,
    I have admired your work with Ray Stanford.
    Was it you who mentioned seeing a plate which was half gold in France? Where was this and was it supposed to be alchemy?
    Chris have you ever heard of a Airship event where the occupant or occupants came down and asked some strange questions relating to time or the year or something along those lines? I heard this years ago and have always been intrigued by it and wondered what you thought of it .
    Hi Chris, I am in the LA area. I am listening now to the interview you did with Don Ecker about the Skinwalker Ranch. I would like to attempt to get as close to it as physically possible, without trespassing of course and without asking any necessary permissions. What is its exact location if you dont mind me asking?? Thanks!
    Just wanted to tell you i checked out your site for the first time and it is really great! The San Luis photos are just amazing and i am really interested in getting a copy of your Trickster book :) Great work Chris !Keep watching the skies my friend
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