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  • Howz it going? Right-enuff and all that...If you wanna chat use the 'conversation' function that you access when clicking on your name..
    hey pal hows tricks
    im from inverness and been n the army for 17 years im in the paras down cardiff way
    Hello Goggs: Tonight I watched a film made by UK investigator Richard D. Hall. The film is entitled "UFOs AND NATO - The Human Mutilation Cover Up." I must say, this film is very well done and it purports to document certain human mutilation cases that were revealed by a British Army source. While new to me, Mr. Hall is apparently well known in British circles and probably well known to you. (continued below)
    His site: It seems to me that Mr. Hall should be featured on The Paracast so he can elaborate on the startling allegations laid out in his film. Would you agree? -- pong. P.S. One of Hall's fans took all six segments of the movie (from Hall's website) and spliced them together for a complete posting on YouTube: (I'm sending O'Brien a copy of this msg.)
    July 2004- The camaraderie is 2nd to none - you get used to small living space, no privacy. But aircraft carriers allow some space to roam.
    Goggs, how old is that photo of you on the destroyer / frigate? Was it fun being in the navy? Lots of nights at sea, I would imagine in cramped quarters

    - Digital_Archivist
    Just listened to your comments on Greer.. My friend seems to love him. I have serious problems about him charging $0000s of dollars. I can't stand his narcissm. He makes me sick

    - Digital_Archivist
    Goggs, Great hearing you on the recent Paracast.

    Do you find that people working in intelligence or other high levels of the defense establishment have a greater than average interest in ufos? I have heard this elsewhere, and just wondering.

    Goggs Mackay
    Goggs Mackay
    You know, I never revealed my own interest, probably as I would have not wished to be marked out as a ufo-nut etc. I never heard anyone mention it but it would not surprise me as regardless of the official line, ufo's are obviously of defence significance!
    Yes, I was one of those who listened to phone calls, signals, morse etc. The 'technician' bit is a bit of a cover story. GCHQ too.
    Actually Goggs, it's not me - with or without make-up! If you do a search on the photo you'll find it on a number of garden-furniture websites!

    I see you were or are in coms. I spent about 20 years tuning in, listening to and identifying HF signals for a certain broadcasting corporation. Also build a number of MF and HF transmitters.


    hey man. its just an image i got off tinterweb. nothing personal at all. it made me laugh when i saw it and coincidently i was listening to Chris O'brien coating off some UFO dude on a paracast show about "drinking the kool-aid" so it stuck. probably change it soon.
    Hi there , Quick question I recently got a ego clearomizer and it works well and was wondering have you tried it ? And how does it compare to the ce2s you told me about? got this because my store was out of ce2s.Had it about a week and seems to be losing its strength a bit.
    Goggs Mackay
    Goggs Mackay
    Yeah things can last ages or die quick but if you get a variable voltage device like a lavatube you can increase voltage and it works like new once more. get one!
    Yes I was. I was a communications technician. You ex-navy or something? That was on HMS Invincible off Cape Canaveral, Florida. Good times!
    oh, sure could have been -- in fact yeah, you're right, it was. I'm sure Chris has contiued the mispronaounciation. I just decided to read your name more-closely today and spotted it. So; your in the RN -- was or just visiting the ship?
    Actually I think that may have been Gene - I had sent questions for Jim Moseley and Gene said pretty that. Could it have been Gene?
    Chris, when referring to listener questions (which he aleays takes the time to mention how long the person has been on the Forum -- which ittitates me for some reason) calls you gogsmacky (as in gog smacky) -- and I'm sure once he said it "...must be a take on "gob" "smacked"..." and alluded to it being some "Brit" thing.
    In which episode is Chris saying my name? Not listened yet. 'goggs' is local nickname for 'gordon' and 'mackay' is pronounced 'mac-eye' :)
    Is Chris pronouncing your user name in your preferred way? It looks like he should be saying goggs mackay (as in Dave Mackay -- great Spurs player and owner of a tie shop in my home town). So what's the "goggs" for?
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