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  • Lets have a UFO 'case-only' Paracast show please?

    Recently I IM'd Gene about an idea for a show. I propose a show in which the hosts discuss in depth some cases that some many listeners have yet to hear about in detail.
    I suggest some cases with multiple evidence sources.
    My cases are the following:
    Kirtland Airforce Base -AFOSI seemingly investigated (there was apparently nuclear material on base), there were multiple credible witnesses from different vantage points.

    New Zealand 1978 case - multiple witnesses, colour 16mm footage and radar

    Pitlochry, Scotland 1990 - I am Scottish so I wanted to include this not-so-well known case, though it is a beauty!
    The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) actually alerted senior cabinet members about this diamond-shaped UFO hovering near Pitlochry with a Harrier jump-jet in the photos that were taken by a couple of hill-walkers. Mysteriously, these originals disappeared, the press did not run the story (we have a clause in this country that trumps freedom of the press, known as a D-List Notice which the media are strongly required to respect for reasons of national security), and only low-quality photocopies remain. Nick Pope, I think known now to all in Ufology was involved in this startling case. No explanation was ever forthcoming for this case. This really highlights the reason for this show I would like - I do not live that far from where it happened, I've been into Ufology for years and I only recently found out about it. So there must be many Paracast listeners out there in the same boat, so to speak.

    So please, if anyone else thinks this could be a good Paracast show - don't sit on your behinds letting others do all the work, we are in this quest together and only together will we get any further (speech over!).
    I may add that I would be happy to research as much as I can for maybe one of these and write notes for Gene and Chris (gratis of course).
    Gordon Mackay, Parnormal Apprentice
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