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    Star Trek Discovery

    I also found the early Klingon arc/make-up etc, very tiresome and just not 'new' enough for a whole new season etc. But I stuck with it cos I really digged the spore drive cos it was just awesome. Just keep watching - I'm on season 3 now and I'm actually loving it. Love the ship, plenty decent...
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    Surveillance & Human Rights

    Take it from one who was also on the inside; it's not the spy agencies we need to worry about, companies like Google, Twitter and facebook have slyly obtained permission from the vast majority of us to obtain insane amounts of very relevant data. Places like the CIA, NSA and our UK GCHQ don't...
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    May 27, 2018 — Dr. Jack Hunter with Goggs Mackay

    It wasn't much but myself and one other crypto guy were in white uniform taking the relatively small number of tickets from the spectators that had seats - which wasn't many. 100-150 maximum I'd say. Anyway, I was just looking down as people filed past me one by one handing over tickets and I...
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    Last Minute! Ask Brent Reynes

    Thanks guys, I hope to get to do some interesting shows...
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    Last Minute! Ask Brent Reynes

    Thank you but my return surely isn't worthy of a fist dig!
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    Last Minute! Ask Brent Reynes

    Yes, lets troll Goggs to force him to be more active! Ddos the bugger!
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    Jim Marrs has passed away

    Gutted. I heard recently that he was unwell. On balance, I loved the majority of his research and found him to always be an entertaining radio guest etc. 'Alien Agenda' is a great book also. I've yet to read 'Crossfire,' though I've seen the Oliver Stone movie based on it. He was pretty unique...
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    Mikes Flaming

    'It's fun to stay at the....':p Good on you Mike, Chris and all other volunteer firefighters, you do a hell of an important job and obviously you guys care about where you live and not if you get paid or not to face risk.
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    What do you guys think about the flat earth theory?

    I understand why some of the supposed arguments might start someone believing the flat earth exists but for myself, it is silly and flies in the face of obvious facts. I don't think there is a conspiracy and I know the earth is pretty much spherical...:p
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    July 23, 2017 — Peter Robbins

    Yes, that is how I would describe him also. I feel he has real integrity and he's one of those people you just know you could meet and spend an enjoyable afternoon with that is never boring.
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    Why is my phone so warm?

    Check to see if there are multiple apps running in the background - there should be an easy way to see what demands on the CPU currently are?
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    DMR Returns ...

    Randle just oozes integrity.:)
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    DMR Returns ...

    As I recently said in the 'end of DMR' thread, I knew we hadn't seen (or heard!) the last of the one-and-only Detective Decker! And I'm happily surprised to find out the 'Don' is already coming back. There is justice in the world after all!:D
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    Official funny stuff — Part 2

    So....the new Dr Who incarnation is a woman! After 12 or so men I don't have a problem in principle with a female Dr - it'll make a refreshing change and open up some unexplored plot avenues I'd imagine. I do have one issue though, and that is whilst I'm fine with a female Dr for a change, it's...
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    July 9, 2017 — Dr. Joseph G. Buchman with Goggs Mackay

    Hi Constance. I must say that Dr Greer has been hinting about free energy tech for ages and it's always 'just around the corner...' or 'we can't reveal anything right now but we will..' ad infinitum. He never ever makes good on promises that he actually has working free energy devices, or even...