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  • Thanks, have you seen the case that Bigelow was involved in with Dr. Levengood? I started a thread about it. Still waiting on him to issue his final report.
    hello good sir! I recently watched an Ancient Aliens episode and one of the interviewees was a fellow named Christopher O'Brien. I presume this is you yes? :)
    There was a forum post asking for a good book on the paranormal so I posted one of your books there along with three other titles. I also added both the titles that are available directly from Amazon to the Paranormal book catalog on the USI website, as well as to the Reccommended Reading section of a couple of entries in the Articles section. I don't expect it will boost sales much but I've really been enjoying the downloads and thought it was the least I could do.
    There is a LOT in there that I'd like more questioning upon on either the show or me, if I may.

    The triangle shape seems odd for once, really, but do you know any history about those 'swirly' things partially about the heads of those human-like figures ?


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