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  • Hello my dear my name is

    Miss leylo Sheikh
    i saw your profile and
    i become interested in
    knowing more about you
    please you can contact
    me through my email
    address i have
    something important
    to discus with you thanks
    [email protected]
    i appreciate the infraction that you had to send me on 5/18
    ("don't insult other members.") i appreciate the spirit that it comes in.
    if i feel insulted by another member, i guess i'll have to think about it a little harder if i want to interact in this forum.
    i co-moderate a forum with some others. i am guessing paracast keeps you busy. all the same, a link so that you can browse the frontpage and, well, just get some info

    the paranormal as an area of research and enquiry goes right up into some areas of restricted knowledge, state secrets and so forth, as we both know. such areas do lead to passion, heightened tension, even argument.

    i remember being so pissed off after that conversation that i swore i was done trying to talk about ufo tech here, when i can BARELY get your show in on your new york affiliate. but i appreciated the birthday message i got from you. i know it's just a 'bot that sends that out. but someone had the thought, once, and it's the thought that counts, they say.
    just looking for the 'edit profile' button...directions? upper left hand, right hand side of screen? just can't find it...
    I came through looking to add you to my friends also. I can't for the life of me see how to do this?! It was easy with Blowfish.
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