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    June 10, 2018 — Ryan Sprague with Goggs Mackay

    Ryan was a great guest. Good episode.
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    Ask Ryan Sprague!

    For your book, you interviewed dozens of people. In doing so, are there links between the various experiences that took you by surprise? Also, as one of the younger voices in this field, is there anything you feel can be done to calm the animosity there seems to be between some of the long-time...
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    May 27, 2018 — Dr. Jack Hunter with Goggs Mackay

    There are a lot of young paranormal enthusiasts. I've become friends that have their own paranormal podcasts and they are quite well versed in many aspects of it.
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    Ask Stanton Friedman and…

    So great! My question: Why do so many people in the UFO community have so much trouble getting along, and can this be one of the main reasons why we've seen such little advancement in what's been discovered about UFOs? Example: To the Stars Academy recently published a well researched study on...
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    Stan Friedman Retires

    Oh yes! That would be great to hear.
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    MUFON critic

    Well, they do have an excellent new Director of Research that is going to take a much more scientific approach to research. Full disclosure, I am an acquaintance of Chris on Twitter. New Director of Research Announced
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    UFO Book Club Appearance

    Hey everyone, I recently appeared on a podcast and talked about the book The Close Encounters Man by Mark O'Connell, and it was a lot of fun. If you're interested, go have a listen over here: Audioboom / The UFO Book Club - For the Love of Hynek: 'The Close Encounters Man' by Mark O'Connell...
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    Ask Jerome Clark: A New Slant on 1897 Airship Mystery, the "Original" UFO Wave

    How can we plot the changes over time of what people have seen in the skies - we went from airships, to saucers, to eggs, to cigars, and most recently triangles. What can we gather from this change of what people are seeing? Has the tech of whatever they are seeing changed, or (more likely in my...
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    The Official Paracast Political Thread! — Part Four

    This is totally true - American news is too polarized - which leads to people thinking that Hilary Clinton is a criminal while at the same time supporting an actual criminal.
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    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    Not deleting this - I think it's hilarious. Great job taking advantage of the bug to make it fun! Thanks for the laugh this morning. Sent from my Zune.
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    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    Hey, I'm still Angelo! Well, I'd like to get a few things straight. First of all, I've decided to give up all Apple products and no longer worship at the altar of Jobs. That's right, I'll be giving up my iPhone, iPad, and every other iThing for a Google Pixel, a Microsoft Surface, and a...
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    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    We've been seeing this bug from time to time. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon. But Marduk, there's no better forum member to be than me, right? I have the coolest avatar. :)
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    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    What is HAPPENING??? Did you have moderator powers while you were me?
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    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    Lol, nobody has a brady bunch childhood, man. But I will say that I was a well-adjusted high school kid having the time of my life. I mean, I knew high school was mostly a bunch of stupid kids doing stupid things and life wouldn't really start until university, so I just kind of went for it...