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  • Well Curiosity killed the cat but to slate your question, there are wide contrasting concepts on remote viewing that place into question the actual use of such abilities, the main question is should we do it just because we can? Having read scientific articles, and non scientific theories and thesis on the subject, there are many moral and ethical downsides to attempting these experiences of remote viewing, or any psi ability in general, not that there aren't upsides as well, there are some things that people don't want anyone to know, or are private, or we would never want to know in retrospect, the mind is a powerful tool, and to use said tool to, whether meaning to or not, remote view someones private life is morally wrong, or again to remote view something we would have never wanted to know in the first place is negative in an after-sense, I tend to step back and away from moral lines and unpredictable experiences (in this case, cooperating with many others) as to not cross them, call it a misplaced respect, I'm not sure, but there we go. I offered my help in the task though, I just won't attempt it personally. To give an example, because even i think my answer was a bit too cryptic, perhaps I remote view my own death, or someone in the groups, because time is relative, and our minds/consciousness aren't specifically attached to our brains/physical bodies, anything is up in the air as a result, and the brief glimpse of whatever we see could change our selves forever. Or maybe im just being overtly cautious, but I've found my respect for the unknown has lead me on a pretty straight forward line thus far.
    I fancy little interest in remote viewing, perhaps another experiment after this one, I will participate in.
    great, just posted back, maybe you can reel these guys in by sending pm's to each and whatnot.
    “Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still.”
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