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UFOs and the Paranormal Part 1 Two separate phenomena or one in the same?


Skilled Investigator
UFOs and the Paranormal Part 1

Two separate phenomena or one in the same?

There are a lot of theories about the ufo phenomena and always been and spanning from Extraterrestrial, Inter-dimensional, Time travelers, Robots, Demons, Ghost and many others. While true we don’t know, in modern times there seems to be one to rule them all, its not the E.T Hypothesis as many may believe, its more of a paranormal one. I here many arguments of how it must be more than the E.T hypothesis. Well that’s not true at all now is it. Many authors and writers like to promote this theory as a fact whether on the form of UFOs, abductions, entity encounters as well as others drawing a parallel to ghost and the like. While many cases could be perceived as paranormal the can also be explained scientifically to a degree

A very prolific author who has written 41 books and wrote the too articles the first of which will address in part 1. The article was titled UFOs: The Paranormal Controversy & Connection attempted to connect dots in two different articles on the website Mysterious universe, in his first article he told the story of a woman who had a M.I.B encounter retold to the author in 2013, this incident occurred in October of 1973, stating that the woman had lived in California during a major ufo wave. The woman had been hiking and then came across a flying saucer of the most classic kind, the craft then dropped to around 50 to 60 feet states the author. She then witnessed the craft wobbling for a bit and then the craft speed of at high speed out of sight. Nothing to odd that can be considered paranormal there, just a classic ufo sighting. But three days later “and the author makes the point of stating after sunset “someone had arrived at her home. It was a dark stranger wearing all black, skinny, pale and wearing a fedora that looked like 1950s classic fedora. the woman said she had felt that the stranger had “enslaved “her mind near hypnotically as the author put it, “to invite him inside the house”. The M.I.B followed the woman into the living room, where he had threatened her to never speak about what she had seen again, which at this point she had only mentioned to her family. Still under the control of this M.I.B he then turns and walks to the door to leave, just then the woman becomes aware of her own cognition and chased after the M.I.B as he had closed the door. When she opened the door the M.I.B had gone, but in his place was a Large black dog, with bright red eyes and snapping and snarling at the woman. Prowling around the front yard, until an old black Cadillac screeched in front of the house and opened the driver’s side back door of the Cadillac, and the large black red eyed dog leapt into the back seat across the yard. And the Cadillac left at a very fast pace.

Now an elderly woman, she sticks to her story and asserts that the M.I.B and the dog may have been one in the same, but it can change how it looks by “taking on different disguises”. As I stated in the comments of the article in question, could this not be to scare the woman into not speaking about the experience due to fear or seeming crazy. Or even halting her advances towards this M.I.B rather than a physiological transformation, due to some form of altering her perceptions? i believe this to be the case, in most abduction cases altering ones perception of what has gone on or was seen is usually prevalent more often then not, to a very vast amount of cases.

So, we have a UFO sighting, a M.I.B, and a large black red eyed dog. The author asserts that all three of these things are different phenomena and all connecting in some odd paranormal way, sadly this may not be the case, it all comes down to interpretation and theory.

DR. Karla Turner was an abductee, author, and lecture, and in one lecture spoke of a woman that was abducted, a very devoutly religious woman. the woman did not want to go with the little grey abductors, all of the sudden a tall blonde haired, blue eyed, figure appeared proclaiming to be Jesus and told her that the little grey men where his angels and that it would be ok to go with them. Dr. Karla Turner, then stopped her and to ask since when has Jesus ever been quoted as having blonde hair and blue eyes. One thing is apparent in this case it was to make her more willing and comfortable to go with them. They took an image that would put her at ease and used it to take her by altering what she had seen.

During abductions and even in some close encounters things such as altering our perceptions can come into play, In the Book the incident at Devils Den a true story by Terry Lovelace, the author was a former assistant attorney general and in his book he spoke of his childhood abduction, in which 4-foot-tall monkeys with glowing yellow eyes asked him to come play with them, and enticing the author to come with them but making a screen memory of something that would make him more at ease. later realizing that these where not monkeys but rather aliens “I prefer to use that term”. With most abductions there is a screen memory also known as a cover memory of something that looks like something it is not. Some of the airship sightings of the past could now make a lot more sense as well, men in blimps wearing fur coats and such before this even existed.

It is also worth noting that the abductors that mainly conduct the abducting are the greys, this is noteworthy due to communication aspects. They are said to not be very expressive and as a side note they also are described as having no ears. What is the point of this you may ask? Well the point is on an evolutionary perspective beings ”especially intelligent beings” have to communicate in some form or fashion. Given no ears, and often hearing a voice in the heads of abductees and in some cases close encounters of the third kind, a conclusion we can conclusively draw is they do speak telepathically “for lack of a better term”. This could be due to the evolution they have gone through on wherever they are from, evolution in space, or even through technology of some sort. We as of 2018 now have the technology to communicate with google just by putting on a headset and thinking, why would it be so outlandish that the abductors could somehow hear us and learn about us as well. So if they speak through thought, then then may even be able to alter perceptions, especially with time to learn how our brains work.

This is just one of many examples of a cover memory or altered perception on the part of the entity’s, in other words they know how to alter our perceptions. Rather then jumping to a paranormal hypothesis a scientific one could be made. How can our perceptions be altered? Lets for the sake of argument take the ancient astronaut theory out of this and say since 1947 with the Kenneth Arnold sighting as a bit of a jumping off point. How hard is it to believe that whatever they are discover us, they take a couple people, open them up to find out how our brains work over the years, or could they tell off the bat hearing something in there heads that sound like communication, the fact is we don’t know and this is speculation but to continue, they realize they can here us or read our minds and almost absorb the data in front of them possibly through technology in some form in which they can communicate and read our minds. How outlandish would this be? Well if they can get here from what appears to be the sky, not portals, time rifts, the ground or whatever other theory arises, but come from the sky and shoot back up into the sky later on then we are dealing with something smarter then us and more advanced, in other words can probably learn about us very quickly by accumulating data. I am not the only one who will stand up for reason rather then except a paranormal explanation by people who have gotten board with the E.T hypothesis.

This time I have focused on perceptions being altered and the Paranormal aspects asserted due to this. Next time I will focus on the ghost, more examples of perceptions, abductions, and even more as well as part 2 of the article put into place by the author.

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