1. Thomas R Morrison

    Time, Time Travel, and Closed Timelike Curves

    These time-related topics came up in The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis : Fact and Fallacy thread because I think it’s likely that most ufos are genuine spacetime vehicles. If they’re exploiting a gravitational field propulsion system, which very much appears to be the case, then that’s spacetime...
  2. Thomas R Morrison

    Reframing the Debate: A Path Forward or Backward?

    We’ve been hearing a lot of talking points from the Reframing the Debate folks in recent months, and this week’s Paracast was no exception. Susan Demeter-St-Clair is an engaging and charismatic speaker, but in my estimation her logic kept going off the rails when she presented many of the...
  3. Thomas R Morrison

    The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis : Fact and Fallacy

    To date, the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is not only the most scientifically and logically defensible explanation for the class of observations commonly known as “ufo sightings" (and it's a hypothesis that we've seen grow more probable over the decades as we've acquired more and better...
  4. drewc

    Amazing crop circle formations

    Many people believe that crop circles are far too complex and have too many abnormalities to be manmade. Whatever the truth is about them, I think that they are an amazing and unique artistic genre and I have produced a video compilation showing many of the most awesome crop circles, snow...
  5. Thomas R Morrison

    The Channel Islands Case

    Edition 297 – Channel Islands UFO « The Unexplained Paranormal Podcast with Howard Hughes So I recently heard this absolutely riveting interview with Ray Bowyer, the pilot in the Channel Islands case from 2007 who clearly saw two identical brightly illuminated craft (roughly a mile across by...
  6. JRTV

    Video of "Cylinder UFO" Punching a Hole Thru a Cloud Over Sandia - 7 Aug 2017

    I was on an Amtrak train arriving into Albuquerque after an extremely stressful trip. I was born in Albuquerque so I am always fascinated with the beauty of this area…especially Sandia. The lighting was amazing that day, so I pressed my iphone 5 all the way onto the window so as not to...
  7. Hector Melo

    The secret history or the hidden history of the humanity

    my name is Hector Melo, I am a philosopher, researcher and author. my first book is called what really happened? by Hector Melo, The title itself is a question, because I intend the reader to be the one who answers those questions through the use of his intelligence and with the help of the...
  8. Thomas R Morrison

    UFO: Explanations vs. Applications

    I’ve noticed a fairly strong bias against the extraterrestrial hypothesis lately, so I’d like to have a clear conversation about the various proposed explanations for ufo sightings, and also pose an argument for something that I feel is even more important. Namely, the eventual application of...
  9. Angel of Ioren

    Rendlesham Forest Authors Arguing

    It looks like the authors of the most famous book about the Rendelsham Forest incident are arguing. It seems as though one of the authors no longer believes the other about his account about what happened. Take a look at the article. A few well known names are mentioned.
  10. stonehart

    Beyond Creepy

    Good YouTube page for paranormal stories. Beyond Creepy This is an interesting story to kick this off with.
  11. drewc

    Space Oddities

    When I watch the films and videos that were recorded during the Various NASA missions from Apollo through ISS, I think to myself that there is no way all 0f these moving objects can be ice particles, meteors, or space junk. I'm quite sure that MANY of them are attributable to those things, but...
  12. Christopher O'Brien

    "I have proved an alien UFO landed on earth, claims scientist

    Article HERE: By Jon Austin/Express.co.uk A chemist claims to have proved an alien spacecraft landed on earth, after investigating a perplexing case for nearly 40 years. Dr Erol Faruk has published the findings of his investigation into a substance left on the ground after a famous UFO...
  13. ISS Ufo Watch

    Latest Space Station Ufo Sighting

  14. drewc

    Aliens on the moon

    I am very interested in the idea that extraterrestrials have now or have had at some point in time a presence on our moon. There seems to be a lot of evidence for this theory. Scientists have expressed an interest in exploring the moons of other planets in our solar system, such as Europa...
  15. Christopher O'Brien

    Knowing About UFOs, Part 1

    [Ron Westrum appears to be one of those aeronautical experts that has a low-key interest in unexplained aerial phenomena. This multipart article is worth the read... —chris] Article HERE: by Ron Westrum, Ph.D In recent years there has been much concern among sociologists with the process...