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The secret history or the hidden history of the humanity

Hector Melo

Paranormal Novice
my name is Hector Melo, I am a philosopher, researcher and author. my first book is called what really happened? by Hector Melo, The title itself is a question,

because I intend the reader to be the one who answers those questions through the use of his intelligence and with the help of the evidences and references that I show

in my book. Many of you saw the promo video of my book, this is not the documentary, for those interested in our project and what to do to help us to film the

documentary, below we provide you with the necessary information.

what really happened? is an investigation book about the secret history or the hidden history of the humanity, although the book develops topics related to philosophy,

quantum physics and spirituality, the central topic of the book is the question "what really happened?".

Unfortunately Philosophy has its limitations, because to prove things we need evidence. It is at that precise moment where the research must begin, for only those who

seek find. Everything began when in the country where I live, Dominican Republic, appeared in the headline of a very popular newspaper a couple of years ago an

impressive news, this said that in the town of Puerto Plata, in the region of the Isabela, a pyramid Had been discovered by a Spanish researcher. I know the situation

on the American continent deal with these types of topics and how the authorities treat everyone who does it, I immediately fear for the life or freedom of that

person, whose name I can not reveal yet at these moment.

Shamefully many archaeologists dig up things and the same world order system makes them to bury them back, although these have to use threats to get what they want. In

the American continent we still have in many places, such as the Dominican Republic, countries where the Catholic Church exerts so much power over the societies and

are well allied to the state or the government, Since talking about flying saucers, aliens, alien abductions or just mention any relative, friend or some one we know

who have disappeared in the Bermuda triangle, as well talking about pyramids, a witch hunt is raised against all those who discuss those topics. everything is because

of the lack of education and information on these topics. in Reality the more we discuss those topics, the closer our people will be to experience the awakening of

their consciences.

These events led me to initiate a research that lasted practically years and ended up turned into a book; "What really happened by Hector Melo". I try to show with my

book; First that the official history of terrestrial humanity is not complete, second that many of the facts narrated in it do not actually happened as described and

finally that the official history of terrestrial humankind should be revised and rewritten.

In my book at the beginning I teach about philosophy, spirituality, energetic manipulation, psychology, thinking and common logic and intuition. I explain the

differences between concepts and realities, I talk about the Cosmos, macro cosmos, micro cosmos and multiple universes, but as I say in my book and it has become one

of my most popular quotes; "Everything, absolutely everything has a logical, reasonable and understandable explanation in the whole Cosmos." Although we do not know

what that explanation is, if we as researchers do not seek for it, we will never find the answer.

In my book I support many theories and hypotheses that are well known by many of you, such as; The ancient astronauts theory, the ancient global civilization theory,

the multiple universes theory, the hypothesis about the creation of the terrestrial humans through the genetic manipulation, the hypothesis of the alien gods and the

return of the gods among many others. In the same way I present my own theories and hypotheses such as; The connection theory, the planetary disaster theory and the

robot-machine-giant aliens theory, among others.

I am willing to participate in any interview regarding these issues, for me it would be a great honor to share this knowledge with you and your followers, it could be

a video interview, audio or video conference, please do not hesitate to contact me for anything you Need, I will be glad to help with my collaboration.

For our dear friends who wish to collaborate with our project; "What really happened by Hector Melo the documentary". Can visit this site:

My book is available on the following sites [promotions omitted by admins].


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Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Congratulations on your book, but we don't allow unlimited promotional links for new members. If you wish to advertise your book, let us know and we can send you a rate card.


Paranormal Maven
Best of luck on your book, more opinions are better than less. :)

Is any of your information sourced from the ET community itself?