ancient aliens

  1. The Starman

    Christians and ufology. Overview

    We are not authorized to deny that there are creatures in other stars that are completely different from ours. Cardinal Nicolaus Cusanus (1401 - 1464) In today's world, where every tenth becomes a prophet with all the followers of the crowd, and every third claims to have seen the UFOs who...
  2. Hector Melo

    The secret history or the hidden history of the humanity

    my name is Hector Melo, I am a philosopher, researcher and author. my first book is called what really happened? by Hector Melo, The title itself is a question, because I intend the reader to be the one who answers those questions through the use of his intelligence and with the help of the...
  3. ISS Ufo Watch

    It Seems Something Moving On Mars

  4. ISS Ufo Watch

    Ancient Writing On Mars