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    Michael Younger - new info on line

    Wow this is amazing, I never thought we'd even see a picture of younger let alone video. Personally I find him perhaps the most interesting character of the UFO topic, along with Bob Lazar.
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    Greg Bishop back to DMR!

    Yes! My favourite guest! Can't wait to listen to the show!
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    Bombs in Boston

    All this news is terrible, I really feel for the people involved. For the first time in my life I have been basically unable to watch the news as I find it too saddening. As a sports person, the horribleness of all these people running, many of them doing so for charity and good causes, and then...
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    Tonight on DMR 3-29-2013

    Ha, i've still been listening, I haven't missed a single DMR to date. I'm just real busy with changing jobs and things so its been so hectic i've not had time to post or call in (i normally always listen to the podcasts these days). Hows things with you mate?
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    Tonight on DMR 3-29-2013

    Great show guys! (And yes i'm still always listening) ;)
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    Bug Don Request A Guest on DMR

    I'd like to see: Greg Bishop (its been a while) Travis Walton David Biedny Paul Kimball
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    DMR .. Missing 411

    Yeah i can't wait to hear these, Bekkum is always great and the 411 thing sounds spooky!
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    Tonight on DMR ...

    Hey Ward Yeah i've still been listening all this time, i just listen to the downloads now. Used to listen live on iphone but you have to pay about £70 a year to listen and it pisses me off that I would have to pay that when Don doesn't recieve any of it. On top of that I have moved jobs to...
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    Tonight on DMR ...

    What a great show, and ward, great comments from you as well. I really can't comment to much on the whole EVP thing. I mean, it did definitely sound like voices, but I have no real knowledge on the technology or what might be involved to give a good opinion on how valid it is. One thing though...
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    Fridays show

    Just listened to the show from Friday, very moving I thought You're a brave man for getting through the shit in those few days Don, and perhaps an even braver one for reliving them. The only good thing about War, is that it makes true hero's, and you can certainly say that for yourself. As...
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    On DMR 3-20-2012

    I love all the Kennedy conspiracy stuff, still can't get my head around what happened, but he definitely got shot from the front. Lookin forward to this.
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    Loving DMR fridays

    Good reminder, I need to watch that tonight! Aside from the original 'Dawn of the Dead' movie, that series is the greatest show of Zombieness to hit my telly
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    Loving DMR fridays

    I have to say Don, i'm loving the Friday shows with you and Rich at the moment. I like the fact that you and Rich tend to start of with a good 15 minute preamble of funny things that have happened to you over the last week e.g. Mountain lions, broken windows, broken lights etc. The last two have...
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    DMR on iTunes

    I can't find it on the UK one :(
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    UP-coming on DMR

    Looking forward to the new shows Don, and really glad DMR is back up and running again!!