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    Stanton T. Friedman — August 3, 2014

    Thanks for the great interview. Always great to hear Stanton.
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    James Carrion, "The Rosetta Deception," July 20, 2014

    It's good to be skeptical. We need to be very careful while sifting through the sands of Ufology, however, I believe we need to be just as careful regarding current or former intelligence operatives and any information they try and feed us.
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    name for Rich's new dog!

    That is a beautiful dog you have there. I suggest you name it Po. Then when people see you two walking their way they can say, "Oh look, here comes Rich and Po." ;)
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    George Noory's Ramblings

    I agree with those who say George Noory is a nice guy. He's a hard working son of a gun. As far as C to C hosts I believe George Knapp is the best, but he's probably not interested in being there full time. As far as Art (Quitter) Bell.......he should stay retired.
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    Mr. Ecker

    I agree. Excellent show!
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    Rendlesham (again)

    Some of the symbols look like grafitti. Perhaps the craft dwelt too long in Houston? Maybe the symbols are the mission statement..........we go, we see, we plunder.
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    Wm. Bill Moore & Wm. Bramley

    Just heard this episode last night and it was the first time I'd heard audio of Bill Moore. He actually proclaimed himself a hero for what he did. Unreal! Thanks for making this tape available.
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    Ed Komarek episode

    Geez! Never heard a guest try and read his book on the air before. Very frustrating to listen to.
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    Dear Fatbaddie, Shortly after President Obama was elected he flew over to Europe and proclaimed himself a citizen of the world. He went on to state that there was nothing special about The United States and apologized for every sin the country had ever commited or ever hoped to. He pretty much...
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    I am not questioning where Obama was born. It has been stated in this thread that Obama is the only person who sought the presidency to have his citizenship questioned. This simply is not true. To keep repeating that this has never happened to anyone else and is only happening to Obama now...
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    Sometimes you just have to take the politically correct blinders off and see things for what they are.
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    It wasn't just McCain, there were others mentioned in the article.
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    Obama Birth Certificate

    I believe Obama probably was born in the U.S. but, he was not the first person seeking the presidency who's citizenship was suspect...... McCains Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out - New York Times
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    Enough with the crystal skulls already/ June 27

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    Area 51 & Roswell Twlight Zone

    Annie Jacobsen discusses her book on Book