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Ed Komarek episode


Skilled Investigator
Geez! Never heard a guest try and read his book on the air before. Very frustrating to listen to.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I call it filibuster, which is why I had to keep pushing him to finish up and answer a question.

Had I left him alone, we'd be listening to 45 minute answers. Well, I did get him to move faster in the latter half.


Paranormal Adept
I really enjoyed this one.
Ed is clearly pursuing his passion, and i found his enthusiasm infectious.

There is no proof as yet in this field, just information which we each must sort for ourselves.
His book sounds like a compilation of the sort of info i love to wade through.

And while i take the point regarding assumptions, when i look up at the night sky and see just a fraction of the billions of stars, in our galaxy of which its just one of hundreds of billions of galaxys that hubble can see.......
I personally have zero problems with predictions ET exists and is visiting.
Thats not to discount the crypto hypothesis, but when i compare a single planet against hundreds of billions of galaxys visable from here........

ET is a leap of faith i can make with no qualms.

His book sounds like one i could happily sit down with on a rainy night in front of the fire with

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I got exhausted after questioning him over and over again about this. But at least he finally concentrated on theories rather than case reports he got courtesy of the researchers (site crawlers) at Google.


An Open Minded Skeptic
I got exhausted after questioning him over and over again about this. But at least he finally concentrated on theories rather than case reports he got courtesy of the researchers (site crawlers) at Google.
Putting this man on the line and insisting the necessity for evidence to his meandering is something I cherish. It's about time someone called him out on his fanatical whimsies and ridiculous assumptions, totally disregarding every scientific, or even logical reasoning whatsoever. Kudos go out to you Chris for not just siting there and cow towing to what he wants to have people believe is fact, and Gene, cutting off the eye witness reporting as nothing more than a possibility if that (and definitely not evidence to rely only upon), defines this program as one of the best all around paranormal shows out there today.

You two aren't just going to sit there like Snoory and Howe and elude the truth by "YESing" each other and the guest to death....No, you both actually care enough to ensure we as the listener are presented with the best theoretically drawn setting, when poignantly categorized as such, and the best factual basis, when there is a necessity to elucidate.

I can sit in on this program and not worry about your politics. I can sit in on this program and not have to listen as personal belief gets in the way of real factually supported information. Thank you Thank you Thank you for holding fast to your guns and never playing the "I'm you buddy, please say what you wish and I'll just sit back and nod my head and speak to you as if the information you spew forth is fact and not BS, based on nothing but wishful thinking.

It's a pleasure to check in with you gentleman weekly. I very rarely compliment programs so vehemently, but I couldn't help it today.

Excellent job.


Paranormal Adept
if this dude is meant to be the best of a bad bunch then exo-politics is F*cked!
Really frustrating guest. I am surprised Chris and Gene kept their cool so well, mark of a professional i guess. This fantasy sci fi BS is why ufology is so messed up. His assumptions are made even more galling when i have it from a good source and a credible person that Aliens are in fact our dead human souls transported to another planet into biological entity units that have died and propogated themselves across the universe via mushrooms a millennia ago and are now reborn in the centre of the earth as hybrid extra interesstial Republicans.(Fact)


Paranormal Adept
Yeah every one is picking on the build a bear dudes when they dont say sh*t about the Council on Foreign Relations.


Paranormally Disenchanted
I think I need to write "A Terrible Truth" type book myself where I prove through various google searches that aliens from our neighboring galaxy, motivated by sheer boredom and poor impulse control, manipulate every aspect of this Peyton Place Earth. This would explain why Hollywood can't come up with an original idea and continually remakes and repackages things they do better to leave alone. How many times do we have to retell Batman, Superman's, and Spider-Man's origin stories? Remake Total Recall? Really? Aliens are the only explanation.


Paranormal Maven
Good show. I'm glad Gene kept the book reading from going on to long though. There is a full spectrum of issues that are in play here. The more people who are aware of the big picture the better.


Paranormal Adept
Ed is a nice guy and he is trying to do the right thing.

I just have a different way of looking at things. UFOs could be interdimensional and we cant conclude they are from other planets.

And I wish he would stop mentioning Bill Knell

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
Posted today by Ed on messagetoeagle.com

People are of course naturally suspicious that that this is some kind of viral marketing ploy for his upcoming UFO/ET documentary called Sirius. Steven Greer director of CSETI is reporting that he has gained access to a small humanoid body only 18 inches tall and wants money for DNA studies for verification purposes.

There is so much garbage being created on the Internet that it's difficult to sort through what is real and what is not, so we have to rely on investigators we trust to investigate cases of real physical evidence of contact.

While I realize that some distrust Steve for a tendency to exaggerate, but I find it hard to believe he would be flat out lying. In the video he is very careful to say that he does not know if it is an alien body or not.
The fact that Steven is a medical doctor lends more credence to the fact he may have something.
One would expect that he might run across something like this eventually, because he does have a vast network of people that believe in what he is doing.
In a case like this it's best to just keep an open mind until more evidence surfaces and the critics have their say.

What the jaded public needs to know is that in spite of all the hoaxing there are some credible cases from the past involving physical evidence of very small alien humanoids that might be used to give more credence to Steven's discovery.

The first is a case from 1932 where the little body was investigated by scientists before it disappeared.

18 Inch Extraterrestrial

I remembered this case from long ago and thanks to humanoid investigator Albert Rosales he found it on the Internet for me. It's called the San Pedro Mystery Mummy and was found incased in a small room in solid bedrock.

"After the dust from the blast cleared, they found that the rock face they had been chipping away at led to a small cavern about 15 feet long and 4 feet high (4.5m x 1.2m). It had been totally sealed off from the outside world by this thick wall of rock they had been working at, with no visible entrance or even small crack leading into it. Inside this cavern was a small ledge on which a pixie-like creature sat, cross-legged.

Extract from 'Conversations With Dr. Steven Greer' interview aired on Friday, August 10th, 2012http://www.worldpuja.org/conversations.php

It turned out to be a tiny mummy about 7" high (18 cm) with a total height of 14" (35 cm). It's face looked like an old man's. It had a flat head, huge, heavy-lidded eyes and a very wide mouth.

It was so well preserved that the finger nails could still be seen on the hands. It gets stranger - the top of it's head was covered in a dark jelly-like substance that was still mushy. Ew!"

One of the advantages of having been in the field so many years with a long memory is that I also remembered another case. I put both of these cases up on my Facebook wall in support of Steven Greer's case.

This Puerto Rican case was researched by a credible investigator Jorge Martin so I also find this case credible.

"Jose Chino Zaya and his friend were suddenly frightened to death by the appearance of several small beings who were making one of the caves their temporary home. According to Zaya, one of the small creatures grabbed him by the leg. He quickly picked up a stick and hammered the creature over the head, killing him.

Having an elementary knowledge of science, Aaya took the being home, preserving it in formaldehyde. A few days later, he felt compelled to report the incident to the local Police Department in Las Ochentas, near Salinas."

I have a complete chapter in my new book UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder on what I call the human extraterrestrial mega-population that ranges humanoids from very small to very large.

We seem to somehow be part of that population with vast implications for our future.
Written by Ed Komarek - MessageToEagle.com Contributor


Paranormal Adept
brings to mind that photo of the two trench coated mibs holding hands with the little humanoid dude. anyone remember that photo?


Paranormal Adept
Have to agree with the OP, very frustrating to listen to this guy try to read passages from his book on the air. Gene and Chris did a great job calling him on his bullshit and pointing out the gaping holes in his logic.

Anyone who would take Greer's word on anything after all the crap he's been involved in needs to have their head examined. The fact that there are people out there still willing to not only believe what he has to say but actually give him money makes me sad for the human race. When are we going to wake up and realize that guys like Greer are part of the problem and not the solution?