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    My dog saw "Something"

    I have a subtal story about my cat acting strange after I had a psychic reading. Not sure what to make of it. LINK: hidden experience: my cat acts scared
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    Are there too many commercials?

    I just listened to the Richard Dolan episode, and I was surprised at how many commercial interruptions there were during the show. I haven't timed it out, or compared it to an older show, but there sure seems to be a lot more breaks for advertising than I remember. Is this the case?
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    Blue Yin-Yang orbs

    Hmmmm.. this is odd, I just left a similar reply on another post in the "personal experience" forum. I had a blue orb experience. It was in my bedroom, and it was about grapefruit sized. It accompanied a VERY electrically vivid UFO dream. And, I have a post (with drawings) on my blog...
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    Street Light Interference

    I've had streetlights go off when I pass under them. It has happened rarely, but it's been at very curious moments, enough that the whole experience feels a little more profound. I've written about these events on my blog. LINK: hidden experience: street lights
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    Orson Welles' War of the Worlds

    I have also heard the alternate story that there was no panic during the War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Budd Hopkins writes about the event as a boy in LIFE, ART & UFO's where he describes fear gripping his family home. THis seems like an easy one to research (I have not done any...
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    Floating Head

    I have a FLOATING HEAD joke. _________________________ This floating head is - well - floating down a city street, and then it floats into a bar. It floats up to the bartender and says, "Howa 'bout a shot of whiskey please." The bartender pours a shot and carefully holds it up to...
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    floating blue orb

    This is an odd detail about this blue orb thing. I sleep in a low loft, so the ceiling is just a little over 4 feet above my head. The orb was right up against the wood ceiling above me. It was glowing a soft blue color, but it did NOT illuminate the wood ceiling, just inches away. Since I...
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    floating blue orb

    On the night of Feb. 17th, I had a very vivid dream, and it was full of intensely colorful UFO imagery. This dream felt "different" than a standard dream in it's theatrical nature. Please know - I fully believe this WAS a dream. When I woke up, I did something I've never done before. I got out...
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    10 QUESTIONS for "experiencers"

    This has been an interesting thread. I made the original list, and it was coming from my first hand experiences - and my own self conscious set of curious "data" points. Also - I am right handed. And, I resonate more with cats than dogs. And nowhere in that oriinal set of questions does the...
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    10 QUESTIONS for "experiencers"

    Dusty, I put the term "experiencer" in quotes on purpose. There is no vocabulary word that seems to fit the weirdness. And thanks for your reply to question 11.
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    Christopher Knowles on Binnall of America

    I'm a huge fan of Chris Knowles. He has a take on this stuff that NOBODY else has... Excellent interview, almost 4 hours total.
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    Black flat moving thing

    Bogie13p - - - Yes, I think you are right. That seems to ring true. It would be interesting to dig that episode up and compare details. I suspect that MU has a forum of some sort, and one could easily ask. (thanks!)
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    10 QUESTIONS for "experiencers"

    Reply to patashnik: ============ You should feel open to sharing your experiences under the pseudonym of "patashnik" (Unless that's your real name) Also - those 10 questions are all from me, and my personal checklist (I was the first post). I wanna add number 11: Are you a dog or a cat person.
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    Black flat moving thing

    I am not sure what to say. As I read your words, I had the weirdest sense of de javu! I am certain I read the SAME account somewhere before, but without the suicide reference. (very strange) ----------- Questions: 1) When did this happen? Recently? What year? 2) Have you ever posted this...
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    Micah Hanks, DMT and spirits

    Huge thanks for another great show, I like that guy Micah. And another THANKS for David sharing a little more of his experiences. These stories and (their implications) fascinate me. I would love to see a simple sketch of the ghost like apparition he say in Venezuela. I have a very clear image...