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    Just turned 76, I tell all the ladies I'm only 70 though.

    Just turned 76, I tell all the ladies I'm only 70 though.
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    Triangle Lights on NASA Lunar Image - Was Ingo Swann Right?

    lens flare. bokeh. ice particles. debris. prosaic explanation. nothing to see here.
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    quick question for Don "the don" Ecker

    Before you start, beware that you won't be able to sell any of your finds/location data after you've posted 'em on the internet. In other words, if you find anything that looks like a probe/lunar mission but is where no probe or mission should be, there could be some money in that location...
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    Ken Johnston and Mike Bara on DMR tonight

    Thanks Ry! Shit, I didn't even know we could do that - but I'm an exceptional case. See Ryan, I'm a moron.
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    Gary Bekkum interview

    Thanks Don, I just grabbed the show now and I am looking forward to it (I missed the first 50 minutes of the live version and forced myself not to listen to the rest so I could do it all in one go later). I find that usually works out for the best. Anyhow, the link wasn't posted, but I just...
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    DMR Webpage & Dr. John Alexander

    I'm glad your back on the air Don, this is some damn good radio. As to the sts-48 thing, my brother has this theory that - if this whole thing isn't an effect of propellant - a rail-gun might produce what we are seeing on the video; the flash would be the electro-magnetic pulse affecting the...
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    How to catch a MIB hiding UFO evidence

    Yeah, just make sure you don't tell anyone you are doing all that. If your family and people who care about you start to see you putting so much effort and resources into catching imaginary MIBs, they might arrange an intervention, whereupon you will proceed to explain yourself and sound even...
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    Dr. Steven Greer made a stunning announcement today:

    Picture says it all - I can't remember who made it though.
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    How to catch a MIB hiding UFO evidence

    Let's say you did. Well, all you've really got is a burglar dressed in black - not an uncommon sight. And if you posted such a video, it wouldn't be proof of anything. Some people would say you hoaxed it then we'd laugh inside and act concerned for the future of the ufo/paranormal field...
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    How to catch a MIB hiding UFO evidence

    They'd just cut the power to the house if they had to get in. Then use handheld EMP to shut down any battery operated surveillance you might have running. *But that is if you aren't home. If you are home, they could gas you while you are asleep and then enter the home while you are...
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    Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars

    I think that it is like LARPing for some folks. Some people Play UFOs, others play Ghosts, and some people make up their own game - like Hoagland and his "HyperDimensional Physics", which is played on his facebook page and where the best players get their ideas on Coast to Coast AM. Now...
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    moon anomolies challange

    I don't think 'somebody else is on the moon' has any good anomalies. He uses his imagination too much. Anyhow, the means exist to remove objects from modern lunar images. Plus, no other nation will be able to provide you with images of similiar resolution, so this all make comparisons even...
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    Hoaxland Fear Porn Asteroid YU55 To Hit The Moon On Nov 9th via Elenin's Corpse!

    Here is an artistic piece which I feel captures the subtext of many of our posts and opinions about Dick Hoagland: The dry crispness of the word seems almost vulgar when contrasted with the grainy nature of the rest of the piece. It is quite possibly my finest work. Strangely, it took only...
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    NASA "sting" terrifies Grandma

    It far easier to acknowledge that this is the USA and people have rights here. Caveat emptor, All Sales Final. Arresting a grandmother for selling her moonrocks, that is disgusting. This is America, Not Police State UK.. FYI, the desk-jockies at NASA are also pissing and moaning about Edgar...
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    Legit Remote Viewing Experiment

    Hey guys, Yours truly is a part of a pretty legit remote viewing experiment. This experiment is testing a particular method of remote viewing which makes use of a relatively large number of viewers. As this is something which many of you have expressed and interest in, I have recommended that...