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    Aliens on the Moon? (oh my!)

    Sorry that I am just now entering the discussion on this topic. Huge looming deadlines at work have dominated my time lately. Though I am frustrated with parts of how it turned out, I am glad to see that a show about lunar anomalies was made. Don has been working for a LONG time to get...
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    Did they get Ward? MIB

    3 month old baby. Im not sure at what point that ceases being a really good excuse? :)
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    Did they get Ward? MIB

    He should really let everyone know before taking a sabbatical to Zorgon 3. All kidding aside, I hope he is alright.
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    Stanton "nuclear physysicistist' friedman

    99% of world get their news and thus form opinions based entirely on 20 second sound bites. Unfortunately, I think its the sign of the times.
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    Interesting UFO caught on tape by 11 year old

    Looks like a sparkler attached to a model airplane that is doing loops. You can see the increase in speed as it goes down and the reduction in speed as it ascends.
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    Biological Life Form Shoots Past Rover On Mars?

    I doubt that it is something biological. The blackness and lack of definition speak to me as a data anomaly. You have to remember, these cameras are not lens to film they are processed and compacted digital images. Most likely it is a "bug" of sorts. Though more of the software kind. :)
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    Stanton "nuclear physysicistist' friedman

    What are you expecting him to say? He has evolved his involvement into the Abduction arena with the Betty and Barney Hill case. He has written books about the general state of ufology. Personally, I believe that his consistency over time is a huge part of his credibility. One just has to look...
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    Stanton "nuclear physysicistist' friedman

    So which one of these is no longer relevant? It's easy to chide Friedman but none of what he says is any less relevant today than it was then. You don't always have to come up with new material. Especially when the old stuff is still accurate.
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    Michael Younger - new info on line

    Awesome video! Don is absolutely right in my opinion. some folks get a taste of the lime light and go nuts. Clifford Stone is a perfect example. Although, I think Don is shopping in the wrong places for Christmas Turkey. Bovine excrement makes for a bad stuffing! ;)
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    Don Ecker and the Paracast discussed......

    Its easy to quantify. Bill and Nancy are crack alley, gutter dwelling, sewer spewing hack journalists. Period. This is the same man that once declared an obviously mentally unstable kid was an alien-human hybrid. No science here. Bill could just "tell". Thats how he chose to try and "help" the...
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    Tonight on DMR ...

    Today I went looking for some more information on Project Horizon. I found what looks like the complete project proposal. Project Horizon As we alluded to on the show, the space program wasn't even in its infancy back then. It makes you wonder, did Kennedy draw on knowledge of this report for...
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    6.8 Earthquake on New Zealands Southern island.

    As the forum has several New Zealanders, I hope you are all alright.
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    UFO Sits In Skies Of Northern Ireland? Real or Not?

    Well, there is a washing machine in the yard so I guess it could be Scotland. Or it could be Arkansas. As for the object, I don't know. It looks interesting enough to take a closer look though. The thing about straight to You Tube UFO vids is that you know next to nothing about who, where, and...
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    Show tonight Postponed

    It's actually been pretty mild this year. Only a few days over 100 (37 C) so far this year.
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    App State Professor says "Ufology Waste of Time"

    Consulting an Astronomer about what it would take to achieve interstellar travel is like asking a auto mechanic to design and build a space shuttle. It's absurd. Utterly absurd. Astronomers do not have the theoretical basis for adapting physical principles and cutting edge theory to the...