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    Ufo's and Nukes: fair assumptions

    During the question and answer session of the presentation at the National Press Club, Mr Hastings played down his ideas concerning the message that he thinks some ETs are putting forward as merely his opinion. If I remember rightly, he also admitted that we simply do not know (what any ETs...
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    Coming Out of My Closet

    Please note: Definitions of the word "empirical" from Relying on or derived from observation or experiment: empirical results that supported the hypothesis. Verifiable or provable by means of observation or experiment: empirical laws. Guided by practical experience and...
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    Ufos and obsessive irrational hate?

    In adding to what has already been said, there appear to be many people who indulge in modes of behaviour on the internet who would be much more cautious in a more conventional public, social setting. Basically, they feel that they can get away with things that, otherwise, they might well not...
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    New Scientist article.

    As far as I can see from the thrust of Mr Eagleman's article, there are implications across the whole board of scientific thinking and research. And, very much so, including the paranormal.
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    New Scientist article.

    The gist of the article that tyder presented covers a view much wider than any arguments about religion or atheism. The comments that Mr Eagleman included in the article which mention these two aspects of society could have been not included without changing the point he was making. If I had...
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    NEW DMR - Any MP3's?

    Cyberstation USA hosts an archive but the archive does not appear to be currently available. This may be because of the cyber-attack on the Cyberstation site. It seems as if the site has been partly shut down. I do not know whether the site is free of potential cyber-attacks yet. Usually, if...
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    Question about Graphics Programs and Resolution

    All I want to do is create BMP files, drawing from scratch, in the resolution of my choice. I have looked through various lists of free programs but not one mentions available resolutions. I have a copy of Ultimate Paint but do not see how to alter the resolution of the image. Am I missing...
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    UFO Sighting(?) Brisley, Norfolk, England

    Bright white light, moving slowly across my field of vision, from right to left in a night sky. The white light was closely followed by what seemed like a small jet with the typical(for the military around here) constant red light and strobing red light. Watching this, I assumed that both the...
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    Air phenomena in Norway

    The Russians have said that they launched a missile early Wednesday morning but has not commented on the illuminations. The missile's third stage failed, they say. Are they saying it's got nothing to do with them or is this simply the wheels of beaurocracy grinding slowly?
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    Probability manipulation

    Attemting to use telepathy to cajole people into better behaviour is one thing. But your method here relies on your deception and their ignorance; if what you say is possible really is possible then I'd say that your suggested course of action should be considered illegal. What's so GOOD about...
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    Probability manipulation

    No it's not. "heel" is right.:eek:
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    UFO Video by TV Crew in Brazil

    Is this a joke? Is this one of our UAVs being obvious? Is this even actually all video taken by a TV crew? Courtesy of aGazeta: Can...
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    When do you look up?

    Mostly, while I'm outside the pub smoking a cancer stick. All I've seen so far is aeroplanes, helicopters and balloons. In my more fantasy-ridden moments I wonder whether what I want to see is deliberately avoiding me!
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    Indian Scientists Pushing for Disclosure!?

    India Daily does have a habit of talking about bold claims concerning the UFO phenomena as if they are facts. However, if there is any truth in the comment about ISRO scientists' and engineers' opinions then would that not be significant?
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    Indian Scientists Pushing for Disclosure!?

    The point is that many Indians take the idea of ET visitations beyond the merely speculative. I am not arguing anything concerning ancient texts. They do, however.