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    The David Biedny interview on Mabus

    Hello everyone. This is Guy Weddle the Co-Host from the Church of Mabus. The David Biedny Interview: -First off let me say i was not involved in the promotion of the show on these and other forums and did not find out until much later what had transpired. I apologize on behave of TCoM radio...
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    The Russians WILL save us

    Will the Russians be playing Aerosmith?
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    2012 = Mayan Calendar + biblical armageddon

    I also don't understand how a culture could be as enlightened as the Mayans and predict the end of the earth or whatever in 5000 years, yet still slaughter people 20,000 at a time to appease a cloud god or something. it doesn't make any sense. As far as the bible goes. Do a little digging...
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    2012 = Mayan Calendar + biblical armageddon

    Nothing you quoted as sources have any significance with anything. Pole shifts didn't kill dinosaurs, Nobody talked to anyone by the moon. Are we being harvested? Its possible that tissue samples and the like have been taken, but are we cattle? I don't think so. I actually think that they are...
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    Hypnosis is serious business

    BBC NEWS | UK | England | Cat registered as hypnotherapist
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    I Know What I Saw

    Excellent documentary. Its the first UFO production I've watched in a very long time.
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    Flesh-Eating 'Bots Are Coming!

    Dude I loved Moontrap LOL.
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    The direction of the show recently

    This is actually the reason I left the forum for the last six or seven months. People would come in and post some really ignorant and misinformed information and I found myself just ripping people to pieces. It was ugly and not helping the cause so I dropped out of site for a while. I miss...
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    This forum kicks ass!

    Ya man Skunkape might start flinging his poop :D This is a great forum, So many people smarter than me to talk to (or yell at ). This place smacks of credibility and I only wish like Dusty I could convey my thoughts as well. But most of the time I just open my big fat mouth and start a fire.
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    Bassett makes perfect sense

    You took what I said out of context. The first quote was in regards to our nature to control and weild power over one another. The second was in regards to the crack pots like Greer and the C2C crowd who have poisoned the field with all of their idiotcy. The result being the bad data getting...
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    Bassett makes perfect sense

    Its all UFO folklore. Nobody knows anything. People don't have any answers so they start making up their own. Then all of a sudden its fact. I don't think these beings want anything to do with us. I think their interaction with us is just a by-product of there real objective, what ever the hell...
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    Bassett makes perfect sense

    Disclosure will never happen and here's why Human nature This knowledge is guarded by people with great power and absolute control within our govt. if disclosure were to happen, those same people would lose power and most control over the greatest discovery in the history of mankind. Do you...
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    Right At Your Door.

    I've seen this 5 or 6 times. Great, Great movie.
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    Forum Withdrawl for 6 hours

    Climbed out of my moms basement and got some sun.