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    Don Ecker Back on The Paracast

    Dang. I wanted to ask Don to break down in detail what a fraud and crazy person Bill Cooper was. He has done great work on him and there are a lot of people who are into conspiracies that get introduced to him and it would be cool to have a nicely broken down piece of audio to present to...
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    Steven Greer on The Joe Rogan Podcast Tomorrow at 9pm

    There is still a 3,000+ post thread on Joe's forum about this.
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    North Korea ready 'to settle accounts'

    North Korea is selling "wolf tickets" IMO.
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    A fake plane was added for south tower explosion

    The "no plane" nonsense is the dumbest thing I ever heard. People have to be trolling. I hope, at least.
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    Steven Greer on The Joe Rogan Podcast Tomorrow at 9pm

    Sup to the Rogan Board who may be reading this as I directed them to the fourm. If it's 2 in the afternoon and you ain't looking for UFOs, go fuck yourself! Deathsquad, bitches!
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    Steven Greer on The Joe Rogan Podcast Tomorrow at 9pm

    I really tried hard to stop this. I made a thread about is several months ago trying to get people from here to post on the Rogan Board (Joe's message board that I am a member of) to try to get enough negative responses on Greer that were in detail so maybe Joe would see them (he is active in...
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    When did this become the skeptics forum?

    There is so much bullshit that it makes sense so many people are skeptical. That doesn't mean there are not legit things to consider, but the amount of pure bullshit outweighs that aspect of this subject.
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    what happened to stanton friedman?

    He is going to be doing Joe Rogan's podcast pretty soon.
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    Black Knight Satellite

    This came up on a martial arts site I frequent. I had never heard of it. Is there anything to this speculation? Here is a link that was provided at the other site. I am curious about it. Thanks. The Black Knight Satellite - What is it? Where did it come from?
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    Joe Rogan Experience Podcast: UFO/Aliens Guests, Greer, help.....

    I am also a member of Joe Rogan's message board as I am a huge fan of Joe's through his podcast and that he is also a member on the website that I frequent daily. On his site right now there is a thread about guest suggestions for UFO/aliens related subjects. I've...
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    Just Because We're Paranoid, Doesn't Mean they Aren't Watching Us!

    I'm probably on the FEMA blue AND red list. ;)
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    Mike Bara :P

    I'm only a few minutes into this and when he says "only people with a brain" think there are structures on mars I rolled my eyes and realized what this guy was all about. I'm going to listen to the rest for purely comedic relief.
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    The Skinwalker Ranch Roundtable Show

    Like I said in the other comment, it makes no sense to attach themselves to something so wild like being attached to a place that is conducting paranormal research to it. It would be very easy to contract this to a private firm instead of having their name attached to it. That seems lazy and...
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    The Skinwalker Ranch Roundtable Show

    Because likely you weren't contracting for them to work on a site that was purchased to do paranormal research on it. Why would they want their name attached to something like that? How easy it to give the contract to a private military contracting firm instead?
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    The Skinwalker Ranch Roundtable Show

    The whole NSA angle to me is both interesting and throws up some flags to me as well. I just don't know why the NSA would disclose themselves in a paystub. That is not how an intelligence agency does business. That seemed weird to me. Also when Chip said there were no cameras there...