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    Phil Corso and his motives

    I read the book about 8 years ago, but I remember feeling pretty disenchanted as I plowed through it. Corso seems to invent his own reality as the book goes along, and it doesn't really mesh with the framework of other more-established books about UFOs. There was a lot of technical information...
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    Greg Bishop

    I too am surprised Bishop has not been on the Paracast. I could've sworn he had been, but I guess not. Some interesting interviews here::
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    My roommates

    Well, I do. I just don't see the point of pressing the issue. My present roommate refers to the incident as "a dream, but I really don't it was a dream". He said it happened when he was younger, and nothing strange since. I think I've read enough books to know when to stop pressing the issue...
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    My roommates

    Well I don't talk to the other one anymore. He gave me details but claimed it was just an isolated incident in his bedroom when he was in high school or younger I believe. Something about seeing a blue light and having a sensation of being spun around in his bed. I asked for and got as many...
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    Manchurian Candidates (RFK interest)

    I've read a lot of books about this subject. I've met people like Kathleen Sullivan and Carol Rutz personally. There is a pretty vast body of literature in this vein. There are books that are written strictly telling "survivor" tales such as "Thanks For The Memories" by Taylor and "UNSHACKLED"...
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    My roommates

    After living with a girlfriend for several years, we split up and I ended up in an apartment living with two others guys. One of them was an old friend/acquaintance from high school days. He shared a similar interest with myself in the UFO phenomenon, and confessed to me one day years ago...
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    Book shelf

    Currently reading "Rock and the Pop Narcotic" by Joe Carducci. Not para-related but definitely a history-of-music book that goes so far beyond any form of rock journalism I've read before that I can't even be sure it's in the same genre of writing. Recently I obtained MUFON symposium...
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    H. P. Lovecraft

    I live near Whateley, Massachusetts, which I believe is a name people familiar with his works will recognize.
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    Time to get Rich Dolan back on!

    personally I'd much rather Rich work on getting his next book published than do another interview.
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    John Lear calls out Biedny and Ritzman

    This thread is a good example of a lot of the mentality that permeates many message boards; from esoteric to any-old-discussion-forum. Lots of ass-suckling here towards this website's top-dogs. I have nothing against any of the mods or admin of this website. The Paracast is one of my...
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    March 9th - Jacques Vallee!!

    WOW! I just want to say that the Paracast has been a consistent source of late-night entertainment to me for about 2 years now. I am a devoted listener who does not support your advertisers (too poor, no need, general disdain for commerce, etc.)! Ever since discovering the Paracast (probably...
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    2006 Zorgy Award Results

    I guess it's almost time for another Zorgy? If so, I hope Paracast beats out Binnall, as I think the past year of Paracast has been much more, uh, having-me-on-the-edge-of-my-seat than BoA, which is also rather entertaining of course.
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    Sunday, November 25th Paracast W/ Richard Dolan

    Not to re-rail this thread or anything, but if you search Google News for "condition of anonymity" you'll find over 30,000 results. It's a fact of life. You're not always aware of the reason for their need for anonymity, and it may not be as hostile as you think. I mean, doctors must remain...
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    David is a Yanni fan?!

    You always struck me as a big Whitehouse fan. More Whitehouse than Merzbow, but I'm sure a steady diet of both.
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    At What Age Did You Become Interested in UFOs?

    I have an uncle with mental retardation who has always had an interest in UFOs. Relatives would always buy him books and magazines and documentaries. He is mid-level functioning and a little reclusive, so I've not actually seen his UFO library for almost 2 decades, but I'm sure it's quite the...