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    Crystal Skulls - May 3oth 2011

    ‎"Incoherencies in Matter, and Suppositions without Proofs put handsomely together in good Words and a plausible Style, are apt to pass for strong Reason and good Sense, till they come to be looked into with Attention" -John Locke
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    Please - less adverts!

    Are you guys kidding, I think there should be a podcast entirely dedicated to the ultra right wing, paranoid, end of days listener! These ads, and millions more like them could stand on their own and draw a huge following of fascist, paranoid, Mad Max wannabe's. Consider them as the...
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    March 27th show 2011

    Gene, I think you guys did an admirable job in questioning him. Drilling him on how he "knows" what he "knows"...he just wasn't going to say. To be honest, there were points in the conversation, I wish you had just started interviewing Chris. I may not agree with every word that comes out of...
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    Col. John Alexander

    Excellent show! If every UFO researcher/investigator/illuminator were so clear, plain spoken, and well informed we might actually know something about this phenomenon by now. Unfortunately... Ps. I want this guest back again, if possible.
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    Jim Moseley Show

    I was listening to the Skepticality podcast once when they were interviewing a person who professionally fakes crop circles (really complex ones at that). The insinuation that all crop circles are fake, and by extension everything paranormal is fake. When asked (jokingly) if he had ever seen...
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    NASA News Conference

    NASA announcement about extraterrestrial life Thurs Dec. 2nd If this press statement announces that NASA has found direct evidence for extraterrestrial life, there needs to be a show on it STAT! No news leaks on what they are going to announce, but the suspense is killing me.::)...
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    October 31 - Adam Gorightly

    Gene, Are you suggesting that asking random open ended questions about a topic would be just as effective as asking a coherent line of questioning that leads to some sort of "conclusion"? That's what it seems like you are saying. If so, I'd have to say..."I disagree".
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    Food for thought...

    One only need to look at Einstein's "spooky action at a distance"(quantum entanglement), or "shrodingers cat", to see things that would/could be described as paranormal. When the greatest scientific minds of the generation look at math (not a photograph, or evp, or a light in the sky), but a...
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    October 31 - Adam Gorightly

    You opened so many doors, he didn't know which one you wanted him to enter...and there isn't enough time to enter them all. I'm not trying to be hyper critical, I just think some guidance and planning from the hosts can go a long way in making a better show. If you had Neil Degrass Tyson on...
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    October 31 - Adam Gorightly

    I've listened to Adam Gorightly a good number of times and he has always been a very interesting and knowledgeable interview, but not this time. I think this "shotgun" approach to "weird stuff" was way too general to be interesting to this audience and did not show Adam to be the interesting...
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    Michael Esposito EVPs

    Wow, we hardly ever get show guests in the forum who try to be helpful and explain and clarify their positions. Thanks for such a long and complete explanation!
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    Username secrets revealed!

    Underdog, his day job sucks (shoeshine boy), his girlfriend may be a dog, and he gets his greatest superpowers from a pill he keeps hidden in his man/dog jewelry... but that withstanding he is, of course, the greatest superhero ever! Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a frog...
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    Balloons or UFOs? you decide

    I would say it was balloons. Especially since a teacher said they had an accidental release of balloons at her school, on the same day. The balloons were for a wedding reception and were large bundles tied together with ribbon. It was a Yahoo news story that had a brief interview with that...
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    Fort Benning 1977

    Could this be an extension of MKULTRA? A proof of concept as it were, on a larger scale than the typical lab experiment. Feed several platoons your new "hypnotic suggestion C-rations" while on maneuvers, and see if you can create an "event" and then blot out the "event" so that no one...
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    EVP questions for Michael Esposito

    Have you done any EVP work in a Faraday cage? (to eliminate outside radio interference) I have heard of people doing EVP work on recorders that actually have the microphones removed or disabled. This is theoretically to see that no outside source can leave a message and yet allow "entities" to...