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    Invisibility cloak to show things that aren't there

    New scientist has an interesting article about invisibility Modified invisibility cloak could make the ultimate illusion - tech - 07 July 2009 - New Scientist The gist of it is that researchers in Japan have theorised that they think they can bend light in such a way as to create an...
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    No Rest for the Wicked. . . July 5

    Take time off, we'll still be here when you return. Promise we won't make too much of a mess while you're gone.
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    The Speed of Light Broken -- By Radio Waves

    So I shouldn't buy an 802.11n draft wireless router then.......
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    600' jellyfish crop circle

    I like the space invader one. Have you seen this? c.o.
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    'Yes We Can'='Thank You Satan' Reversed

    Wow, incredible. Isn't that the same catch phrase as Bob the Builder? I wonder what "can we fix it" sounds like reversed.
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    Jeff Woolwine: just WHAT is this guy filming out in the Pheonix desert?

    RC space invader blimps. Sounds like something I'd buy
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    Jeff Woolwine: just WHAT is this guy filming out in the Pheonix desert?

    Wow, that first vid, they look like space invaders. as in the arcade game
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    Looks like we lost some posts

    They used to team up with Dr Watson, he always seemed a shady character to me.
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    NineMSN front page UFO story

    They sourced the story from the UK Sun but the interesting part about this is that it made the front page and there's no mention of 'little green men'. Front page: Article:
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    Our Recent Server Crashes

    HAHAH you thinking it was a Freudian slip? That’s what happens when I submit without checking.
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    Our Recent Server Crashes

    hey, you're up and running again aren't you? time to resolution of 2 days isn't too bad at all. I've seen a business loose 6 months worth of data :(
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    Our Recent Server Crashes

    redundancy, backup and archive. otherwise you'd have to wear the brown trousers.
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    Email updates

    no problem
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    Email updates

    Hi Shannon, you're looking for: User CP, Edit Options, Default Thread Subscription Mode "Instant email notification" then save
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    Gosford UFO

    I thought it said 95