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    Flash! A Kal K Korff EXPOSE!!!!

    I think some of that nanodust got into Korff's brain and clogged up the works. As someone who has graduated law school, I find that attorney's letter hilarious.
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    Whitley Strieber

    What's he afraid of? :D
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    new UFO vid

    It's a jet contrail. I often see very similar sights when aircraft head to a nearby airport, either at sunrise or sunset. The jet trail gets illuminated by the rising or setting sun, just like the clouds do. Admittedly, this video clip would look bizarre if I wasn't so familiar with such a...
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    Bill Chalker's Hair of the Alien is available on Amazon UK at a reasonable price. The Kindle version is even cheaper. If you don't have a Kindle, you can download Kindle reading software for your computer. hair of the alien bill chalker
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    WikiLeaks has UFO info

    During a Q&A session in today's Guardian, Julian Assange said WikiLeaks has documents which make references to UFOs. Common sense tells me, though, that if there was anything of major significance in them, they would have been released by now. Julian Assange: Whoever leaked US embassy cables...
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    NASA News Conference

    Looks like the cat has been let out of the bag early:
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    Chinese Farmer claims he had sex with alien

    Braided leg hair? Eeeeewwwww. They clearly don't sell Veet on her planet.
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    Clifford Mahooty September 20

    I'm only part of the way through this episode, but would like to thank the hosts for introducing us to a whole new perspective on the UFO issue. Native Americans are often wary about sharing their culture with outsiders, some tribes more than others, so I'm especially impressed that Gene and...
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    Happy Birthday Gene

    Happy Birthday Gene and CapnG. Hope you both have a great day.
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    Earthquake in NZ

    Sorry to hear about the devastation, but so relieved there doesn't appear to have been any deaths. Keep safe, NZ forum members - I hope the earth stops burping soon. Take care.
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    Alleged Alien Video

    Is it just my eyesight, or does this so-called alien appear to be walking with hiking/ski poles, or crutches? Perhaps his UFO crashed, and he's recovering from injuries sustained in the crash? Quick, someone call Dr. Greer to administer first aid.
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    UFO Crash w/video is it military? what do you think?

    I have to agree re: the passenger jet theory. I can also hear the unmistakeable sound of jet engines above the noise of passing traffic.
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    Alan Godfrey

    This case is very well known here in the UK, so I'm surprised there isn't more info online. The BBC has quite an interesting article: BBC Inside Out - Alien abduction claims in Yorkshire For anyone interested in UFO sightings reported by British police officers, try this site: HOME -...
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    Leslie Kean Media

    Leslie Kean and Huffington Post Go to UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record | by Leslie Kean and scroll down - 11.30 pm, but no idea what time zone that refers to.
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    Area 51 the alien Interview

    Surely leprechauns can be gay, too? :D