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    at the risk of sounding like a nutter...

    And so....after almost two years since I posted this 'experience' I can now bring the conclusion to it all. Almost six years since our first meeting have passed and I recently saw this person again after five years,he made contact and asked to see me and I was in the right place personally to do...
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    Musical Interests

    No idea if this has been posted before, but this tune's one of my top ones at the moment. Just brilliant!!!:D
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    if your heart needs warming and you don't mind cute stuff.. :) :p
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    UFO seen on Google maps

    'Unstable' as in losing their grip?-maybe that's what the pliers are for?!:p
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    UFO seen on Google maps

    Google street view. Look *up* :eek: Foxoak St, Cradley Heath, West Midlands B64, United Kingdom - Google Maps :rolleyes: had me going for all of three seconds..made me jump at first though lol:p
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    Favourite movie moments thread

    I recently watched ' The Libertine' for the first time and was blown away by it, so, it's hard to pick a scene that I favour the most because without a doubt;this is one of the best films I have ever seen. However, there was a couple of scenes that struck deep with me and I found the message of...
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    anybody seen that film called Paranormal Activity ?

    I have seen it and I have to say it took me a while to get certain scenes out of my head, BUT, this is because it rang true with me-I have posted of an experience with a shadow ghost on here and I think this is the reason I had issues for a few weeks! Objectively speaking I think it's great...
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    Musical Interests

    Also, I've loved this track for a while but only just seen the video lol, she cracks me up:D
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    Musical Interests

    You're not alone with that idea at all, music is so closely linked to emotion, infact it evokes it and the same for how we remember events from our past-at times it just helps us make sense of things that perhaps weren't so great, or it gets us through crappy times. I've definitely only survived...
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    Musical Interests

    A very short piece of music-an advert actually, I love the feeling this piece gives me, it just seems to fit so well with what I feel right now. It's quite haunting I find. How does it make you feel? anything at all? Just curious.. :)
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    if your heart needs warming and you don't mind cute stuff.. :)

    Too gorgeous not to share! I adore this :)
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    For those in need of amusement.. :)

    mental_floss Blog Babies vs. Roomba as you can see, it doesn't take much to amuse me-hope you're the same! Enjoy:D
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    Musical Interests

    love this-his voice gives me goosebumps! :)
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    Musical Interests

    Something quite hypnotic about that tune by Fever Ray, quite sexy too-well, to me ;)