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    June 21,2009

    I'm about halfway through the episode... another classic interview. Anyone done any snooping into Burroughs mention about Col. Halt putting together a Documentary concerning RFI? The incidents with the blue light and the potential removal of an unknown object from the site (so far the most...
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    Gobekli Tepe

    Apparently it's not such a far stretch for someone under the influence of DMT/Ayahuasca and by ingesting such sacred plants encounter a multitude of creatures - both mythical and part of our present taxonomy.
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    A much funnier video for those dissapointed by the other one

    A demented child's lullaby only a freak would love!
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    Robert Anton Wilson Video

    If you study the patterns that exist in nature you'll find random interactions; but there are events occuring, as well, that seem to be driven by an intelligence that can be measured - within a certain degree of accuracy - over and over again. I feel that paranormal phenomena, and what we term...
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    Anyone out there NOT had a paranormal experience??

    Perhaps, it's like dreams: some people claim they never dream, but supposedly, all people do dream - they just don't remember doing so.
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    The Event

    Pupilstutor, have a look at these paintings. I wouldn't mind knowing if any part of these images match anything you described -
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    France VS Aliens - Friday June 12th (?)

    I think he's paparazzi, or worse... a disinfo agent provocateur:
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    The 'Tap'

    Ever been 'tapped' on the shoulder. It happened to me last week, quite literally. At first I tried to rationalize that my muscles popped, for whatever reason, but that answer didn't take, obviously, because I'm no magician - the 'tap' came from outside my body. And there was no one else in...
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    Was Richard Doty the Serpo hoaxer?

    He's a king of obfuscation and I wouldn't be surprised that he's lent his talents at dis-informing the public with the Serpo story.
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    How would an invasion happen?

    There are many examples to be found in the anecdotal accounts of experiencers: prenatal amniocentesis on Betty Hill just shy of humanity taking up the technique; apocalyptic visions accompanied by the compulsion to take up altruistic causes; genetic tampering the likes of which we are just...
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    The RH Factor, and Alien Abductees.

    I see where you're going with this... and I guess if you place any credence on what abductees report with traumatizing experiences and shoddy surgeons skills by aliens/et/interdimensional-whatevers then your comments might hold up. Although... I've often wondered if the greys and other sighted...
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    A Childhood Experience

    Kat, First off, welcome to the Paracast Forum I imagine you'll feel right at home here. Now, If you don't mind my probing... I'm interested in knowing if you remember anything significant or strange concerning impulses or general feelings about that day? I mean, prior to the sighting, of...
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    UFO footage British Columbia

    I think it's a Franklin, the turtle, blow-up.
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    LMH has a compelling triangle encounter. Multiple witnesses

    I imagine she has the type of personality you either 'love or hate'. Unfortunately, extremes are not going to get this thing we call ufology sorted out.