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    James Fox -- July 1, 2012

    Great episode Gene. I'm looking forward to watching Mr. Fox's new show in the very near future. Best, Pami
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    Torchwood: Children of Earth

    Gene - thanks for the heads up. I've been a Dr. Who fan for decades, but never crossed over to watch Torchwood. I'm between terms and have been looking for something to do, especially since we're getting rain from a tropical storm down here and don't want to get out of the house. I'll rent...
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    So who among you has actually had a sighting?

    I've had a few sightings, but this one was the icing on the cake for me. I cannot explain this one off rationally. It occurred just as my daughter's softball practice was ending. Six adults and about 12 children saw a triangular-shaped object fly in quickly (as in blink-of-an-eye quckly)...
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    Sleep paralysis/apnea experience

    I agree that a mini-stroke could be a reason why this happens to some people. This is an interesting hypothesis that I would like to expand upon. My husband suffered a mini-stroke last summer, which wiped out one of his vocal cords. Since this occurred, he has had several odd occurences. One...
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    Submitted for Your Reading Enjoyment-New Analysis on Meier's UFO Photos

    Posted for your reading enjoyment. ;) I had never seen any of the Billy Meier photographs before this morning, so when I saw the lead to this article I thought I'd finally take a looksee for myself. The photos shown are supposedly of the actual craft and also of the mock up Mr. Meier made, and...
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    Chinese Mummies

    I've been fascinated by these mummies found in the Tarim Basin in China for years. I first read about them in Archaeology Magazine as I was flying to the Yucatan several years ago. The fabrics they wore were woven by a method used in Ireland. Here's a link to the fabric contact analysis...
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    New California drone

    I thought the drones had finally met their demise. Shoulda known better. The folks that keep perpetrating this myth could at least do us a favor and give us a halfway decent try at "capturing" these "craft." Geeeezzz!
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    Celebrity Ghost Stories

    Was this the show that Carrie Fisher was on a week or so ago? She was relating the story about a friend of hers dying in her bed. I fell asleep before I found out if he was coming back for visits, or if the visitations had eventually ceased.::) I guess I need really check it out next week. I...
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    10 observations

    I'm afraid it will be impossible to put the name of a group to who or what has been erasing information or creating disinformation for many years. Something or someone has been doing this for a long, long time and I feel that they will continue to do so. Until when? I don't know. I'd like to...
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    Return of the Mysterious Universe Podcast

    Like a lot of you, the MU podcast led me to The Paracast podcast. I wasn't happy about the way the show ended, and felt for the premium members that paid for the extra stuff that was offered. I'll take a listen to the reincarnation and see what's up.
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    Sleep Paralysis Last Night

    I understand your skepticism. If it hadn't happened to me over the years I would think those that claim to have been abducted have psychological disorders as well. My hubby has experienced sleep paralysis. He saw a shadow being standing by one of the windows in our bedroom during the...
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    Poll about Stan Romanek

    I couldn't agree with Siani more! :D Okay, this group of aliens has hung around we inferior humans for so long one of them decided it wants to be a Peeping Tom! I'm very concerned about this poor alien. Does anyone know a good counselor for this little guy?
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    Sleep Paralysis Last Night

    Hey Chuckleberryfinn, What exactly did you eat for dinner last night?? Did you by chance fall asleep watching E.T.?? ;) All joking aside, it's very scary not being able to move or breathe well!
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    A lifetime of abductions

    Right now, I'm dealing with it day by day. I wasn't visited for a couple of decades, and thought they were through with me. I guess they came back to see how how I was doing and if they did a good job messing me up. I hope they find their answers and leave me alone for good this time. I...
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    A lifetime of abductions

    I feel your pain and wish you the best. I've kept my mouth shut for many years and told no one. A couple of years ago, I told my husband everything I could remember about my abduction experiences. It was one of the better days I've had. He had been waiting for me to say something. Come to...