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    Mokele Mbembe

    Oh now that is interesting, How do they explain the roars?
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    Trolling fourm

    Lol, I swear I didn't do that on purpose, But I'd love a fourm where I could play my alter ego's out, prehaps phil imbrogno could join in, you know seeing as he's a medic and all.
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    Hello Freinds ;)

    Hello Freinds ;)
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    Mokele Mbembe

    I wasn't aware it lived in the sea..
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    Trolling fourm

    Please can we have a trolling fourm? Sometimes I like to pretend I am actually 54, or southern american who enjoys walks on the beach, or a 14 year old girl who goes swimming with her top on because she doesn't like her body... Thanks.
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    Forum Changes...

    Win, Glad to be back, had a break from the Paracast, I kind of missed the skeptics here though, I respect them because I get a bit crazy sometimes, and worried, like with the Fema camps etc. I would really enjoy more Podcasts with Ghost hunters etc, I'm not going to lie the Skinwalker episode a...
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    Swedish man bursts into flames while waiting for train

    "People just stood there" wow, what a pointless waste of humanity
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    Forum Changes...

    I am loving this new fourm.
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    Dragonborn - Skyrim

    I would like this, but I took an arrow to the knee.
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    Men in black a radio wave in the past?

    Amish Aliens, wait.. Ancient Aliens - Amish Aliens? connection? 0_0
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    Men in black a radio wave in the past?

    I disagree man/sis? I do think it could happen, they could be really really tired and forgot to check the latest trends? and who's to say they come from far away :P
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    Philip J. Imbrogno withdrawing from paranormal research!

    Don't worry we can still stare at his man breasts on Ancient Aliens...
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    Men in black a radio wave in the past?

    So after my awful title, I thought I'd bring this idea up Just been blasting Nick Redfern, and got me thinking, the Men In Black (MIBs) could the reason the way they dress in a 50's style have something to do with early tv signals sent into space? I realise it's far fetched but it got me...
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    The Mars Anomaly Thread

    Intresting post yo, I just got the face of mars tattooed on my hand (take the piss all you want) lol, still I think it's part of my history, Nasa do a great Job at bullshitting us, youtube 19.5 it's a video with Richard Hoagland