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    That elusive picture, please

    How about this possible abduction case - with photo of alien?! - from 1987? Never known what to make of it myself, but it happened on Ilkley Moor, England, near to where I live. Hell, even Bruce Maccabee got involved. Here's a two page overview...
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    The British tabloids NEVER lie... er... or do they

    Yes, Don, but hasn't the internets rendered The Scum's Page 3 lovelies somewhat redundant? Er, not that I'd know, of course... ::)
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    The British tabloids NEVER lie... er... or do they

    Ah yes, The Scum. A depressingly popular rag here in the UK. And there's another grim statistic linked to it: its reading level is deliberately pitched at that of an eight year old. The loutish Rebekkah Wade is The Scum's editor and is all too happy to do Rupert Murdoch's bidding. I'd...
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    The Terry Hansen Show-Missing Times

    Don, In the dying seconds of the show, Mr Hansen comments cryptically, "I mentioned the book but was never invited on by Art." Was he talking about Coast to Coast? Was he censored by Art Bell? Did you cut him off before he could diss C2C?! (Great guest, BTW. Missing Times is a...
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    The best Movie you've seen in the past year.

    Don't remember which year I saw this film, but it was great...a bit weird, but great. There's this big, scary head that floats around blasting whack-jobs and there's this trained killer with a gun who...well, here's the poster...
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    Pan Book of Horror!

    Anyone else remember this long-running series of paperback horror fiction from Pan? These ghoulish covers were EVERYWHERE in Britain when I was growing up, but because I was such a sensitive wee thing, was schooled by nuns, and always found the...
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    Rich Dolan's 'UFOs & The National Security State' Vol. 2 - discussion thread

    Well this punter would pay more for a deluxe, LMH-foreword-free edition...oh, unless that's Dolan's plan, the clever marketing dog!
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    UFOs and Nukes

    If it's any help, I heard Mr Hastings on C2C via this, er, Star Trek-themed website...
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    Breathtaking ignorance

    ...flush down the toilet indeed.
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    July 19th, 2009 - Christopher O'Brien

    Yet another fascinating show and yet another quality guest. I think Mr O'Brien mentioned video footage taken during investigations in the San Luis valley. Are any video clips available at the Our Strange Planet website? I saw photos but no video. Just wondering. Thanks.
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    Your Invisible Childhood Friend

    Interesting stories, gents. Thanks to you both. (Not sure I'd have the heart to knife an orange Koala, though!) It can be disconcerting for an adult to be around a child when its imaginary pal is visiting. I remember hearing my son talking to his "friend" Gum-Gum one day and asking him where...
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    Prostrate Ad

    So are the Grays' probes providing a public service?!
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    Your Invisible Childhood Friend

    In a recent UK edition of the Fortean Times there was an article discussing "imaginary" invisible friends that some children play with and consider all too real. The author of the piece felt that there was more going on than mere imagination and related stories of parents witnessing objects...
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    Vito Saccheri Moon Show Special

    I guess we've all seen this? Frustratingly short clip. Has anyone heard the full speech? Are people reading too much into this?
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    Lighthearted Aside

    Thanks for your insights regarding Spiritualist Churches, Annie. I've attended several of them in England in my time and have been left feeling completely underwhelmed by them all. The average age of the congregation seemed to be nudging 70 and there seemed to be a lot of self-delusion going...