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  1. Randall

    Christopher O'Brien Returns

    Christopher O'Brien is no stranger to The Paracast. Longtime listeners will immediately recognize him as the voice of insight and wit alongside Gene Steinberg between 2010 and 2018. Along with a healthy dose of dry humor, Chris and Gene together interviewed dozens of guests, the roster of which...
  2. Christopher O'Brien

    For Whom the Bell Tolled: Art Bell's Questionable Legacy

    Article HERE: By Christopher O'Brien [Earlier in the week I posted this as it's own stand alone thread and it mysteriously was folded in to the AB Has Died thread as a comment. This re-posting was down w/o my title and w/o my permission, Please leave this thread where it is, thank you...
  3. Christopher O'Brien

    William Tompkins & the "Whistleblowers"

    I was asked recently by a Paracast listener what I thought of the recently departed so-called whistleblower, William Tompkins. This inquiry came after I answered him concerning the possible disappearance of Sean Correa whom some of you may remember was the Paracast guest who ws attempting to...
  4. Christopher O'Brien

    50th Anniversary of the "Snippy" Case

    Snippy The Horse: The Birth of a Meme by Christopher O’Brien Complete ARTICLE HERE: A notable 50-year anniversary passed by this week with not even a whisper. Anniversaries of the weird and the macabre are not normally celebrated, but in this case, I thought it was appropriate to revisit one...
  5. Christopher O'Brien

    CIA Doc Released w/ a Claim of an "Alien Base" in AZ

    [From an email from John Greenwald] "The United States Forest Service (USFS) manages and protects 154 national forests and 20 grasslands in 43 states and Puerto Rico. The agency's mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the nation's forests and grasslands to meet the...
  6. Christopher O'Brien

    Bigfoot Killing livestock in WA State?

    If this report is real, it would be the first report of its kind I've ever heard of.... What Beast's Killing Washington Cattle?
  7. Christopher O'Brien

    Bizarre Encounters with the Weird in the Middle East Wars

    [caveat emptor, of course, but I thought this was an interesting article that purports to look at stories of Middle Eastern lore as experienced by westerners. Are these stories real, or mythic in nature? This may be an example of a melding of western and Middle Eastern mythos along the tidal...
  8. Christopher O'Brien

    All I want for Xmas are some STH reviews!

    Is there ANYONE out there that has read Stalking the Herd that wouldn't be too adverse, or lazy, to post a review for the book at Amazon? Thanks in advance folks... It can be just a quick one-liner. Obviously, I'd prefer great reviews, but if you didn't like it, I'd like to know why. Hate to...
  9. Christopher O'Brien

    Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and new research: Q & A with Diana Walsh Pasulka and Jacques Vallee -

    I finally had the honor of meeting Valle at last year's IUFOC. I gave him a copy of Stalking the Herd. Interview HERE: "Unidentified aerial phenomena, commonly referred to as UFOs, has been the focus of research by sociologists, scholars of religion, anthropologists, philosophers, and...
  10. Christopher O'Brien

    EVP Expert, Haunted site Investigator Michael Esposito Returns to the Paracast

    Research associate and fellow sonic sculpturer Michael Esposito returns to the Paracast. Michael and I collaborated on an album titled: Medea last year and have worked together on various haunted site investigations in three states since 2005 and were principles in the 2006 documentary Dead...
  11. Christopher O'Brien

    MEDEA is finally released!

    I'm happy to announce that my solo album "Medea" has finally been released on Lost Patrol Records. The album contains various grooves—some that have been hanging around since the misaligned 1980s. Working w/ electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) expert Michael Esposito, I've added various "haunted"...
  12. Vimana

    Vintage Yellow Helicopter?

    After hearing Chris O'Brien tell of his strange encounter with a vintage yellow helicopter in Colorado, I happened to pass what is left of one that may fit the description only a few hours from the San Luis Valley. It's a long shot but here's what is left. A couple years ago it was a lot more...
  13. Vimana

    Chuck Zuckowski?

    Hi Gang- This weekend is a mini paranormal convention in Colorado. Most of it is ghost hunting (uggh) but there is one UFO guy named Chuck Zuckowski. I could swear i heard this name somewhere but a search on the Pcast forums comes up blank. He is a San Luis Valley guy and I'd expect Chris OB...
  14. Christopher O'Brien

    [LMH's] "...most controversial, stunning, eye-opening, & shocking revelations on the Alien Reality!"

    [I haven't heard of some of these claims. I'm going to try and carve out some time to listen to this. Don't ask me why... Anyone else want to listen and review? —chris] "...21 May 2015 'Join Dark Journalist for the return of acclaimed Coast to Coast AM Investigative Reporter and Star of...