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Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
Snippy The Horse: The Birth of a Meme
by Christopher O’Brien


A notable 50-year anniversary passed by this week with not even a whisper. Anniversaries of the weird and the macabre are not normally celebrated, but in this case, I thought it was appropriate to revisit one of the most perplexing and iconic unsolved mysteries of all times: The “Snippy the Horse” case.

The most well-known unexplained livestock death ever reported, the so-called “Snippy the Horse” case is considered to be the first widely publicized unexplained livestock death. The horse probably died (or was killed) and disfigured on the night of September 7th, 1967. Peripheral to the case were the dozens of UFO sightings that were also reported during that eventful fall that have inexorably linked mysterious livestock deaths with the UFO phenomenon.

The “Snippy Case,” has become a thing of legend among paranormal enthusiasts and in the two months following the horse’s unfortunately horrific demise, the news item was picked up by the wire services and it became a sensational international news story. Reporters from as far away as England, France, Germany joined North American journalists at the site in the San Luis Valley during that fall 50-years ago. The site attracted the curious who flocked to the remote King Ranch location by the hundreds. Today, if you gaze down on the meadow where the horse lay that Fall of 1967, on Google Earth, you can still see the hardened dirt path that led out to the location—a quarter-mile west of county road 150. I am indebted to David Perkins and the late Tom “Godfather of Mutology” Adams for much of my research into this iconic case. REST OF ARTICLE HERE: