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William Tompkins & the "Whistleblowers"

Christopher O'Brien

Back in the Saddle Aginn
Staff member
I was asked recently by a Paracast listener what I thought of the recently departed so-called whistleblower, William Tompkins. This inquiry came after I answered him concerning the possible disappearance of Sean Correa whom some of you may remember was the Paracast guest who ws attempting to raise money for his "Anonymous Uprising" a self described "revolutionary project preparing to launch the world’s first open source, constantly refined, extraterrestrial contact protocols." I noticed that the last donation his gofundme site received was "$100,000," so maybe that has something to do w/ his apparent disappearance. If somebody donated $100K to you, you might decide to disappear as well, :rolleyes:.

Anyway, I have been asked about my thoughts concerning William Tompkins and the spate of recent secret space program "whistleblowers" that seem to be increasing over the past few years. So, I took the time to reply and thought I'd share my response here:

Not having read his book, nor listened to his Project Camelot and other interviews, I can't answer from a place of complete knowledge of Tompkin's rather unbelievable story, what I have heard and read seems to be a carefully crafted mashup of other claims that have been made through the years by other so-called whistleblowers. Much like Philip Corso, I suspect that he concocted his tale and wrote his book as a way to potentially leave his family w/ more money and for the ego motivation to spice up his career in an attempt to become at least a footnote to history rather than passing along into obscurity. I suppose some notoriety is better than none, right? His story may have some minor elements of truth to it, but think about it for a second, he claims he was tasked w/ passing along what should have been the highest possible secret classified information from the military into the private sector starting when he was a 19 year old enlisted teenager w/ "a talent for constructing models." Uh, yeah, OK.

Unfortunately, there are perhaps millions of people who want the fantastic sci-fi claims of people like Tompkins, Corso, Goode, Eisenhower, Basagio, Burisch, Bielek, Cooper, Stone, Schneider, Peterson, Neumann, Hall, Richards, et al., to be true. The list is endless and, if you bother to notice, the claims tend to grow and expand as the next "whistleblower" adds to the slowly expanding list of claims and details of the scenario. This subject has become extremely popular and there is money to be made fanning the flames of people's religious-like infatuation w/ the completely unsupported, over-the-top claims of these people. Sure, the government is up to there ears in classified black budget projects, but do we have bases on the Moon and Mars and a fleet of back-engineered alien-inspired spacecraft able to perform like something out of Star Wars or Star Trek? I personally don't believe so. I personally have seen dozens of UFOs including a daylight sighting of a craft less than 150 feet away from myself and two there witnesses. In one sighting event in 1993, I videotaped 13 objects less than five miles away w/ a 3rd generation night vision lens. Do I believe UFOs are real, absolutely! Do I believe that our government knows more than we do about the phenomenon? Absolutely. I also believe they are more confused about them than we are because it seems the more you know, the more you don't know about and the more confused you become. I do not believe that we have been able to back-engineer so called "alien" technology. In my estimation, that would be like the attempts of a 12th century priest attempting to back engineer an iPhone that was found by one of the faithful.

I have a good friend who worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer for 40+ years. He attained and maintained extremely high security clearances that were needed for his work and he is completely convinced of the reality of UFOs. He has also been a member of MUFON for decades holding several high positions in the organization over the years. We are talking about a guy who worked on many of our most secret black budget space programs as well as Apollo, Skylab, DSP, etc and he scoffs at the idea of a large "secret space program." He said that there are many ways for an insider to find out about the existence of something as large as a secret space program and he made every effort possible to quietly ascertain the extent of our capabilities. And he found out plenty. He said it would be impossible to hide this type of program from aerospace insiders, such as himself. He quit MUFON this past summer partially because of the theme of this past International Symposium, but mostly because of the roster of presenters. Allowing Cory Goode to present his highly dubious claims to an organization dedicated to utilizing the scientific method to investigate UFOs was the last straw for him.

In closing, I think it's important to remember that this subject is a perfect way for the government to exercise covert societal control using sensitive subjects such as classified technology and the popular misconceptions surrounding the subject of UFOs/UAPs/AAOs. It is also an effective way to utilize the subject for counter espionage on foreign government's and their interest in our level of cutting edge aerospace technologies. Sure, the US undoubtedly has some pretty outrageous tech that's operational and in the pipeline, but I seriously doubt that it matches the fantastic claims of our "whistleblowers." Hope that answers your question :)