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    I thought the last three shows were far from the best.

    I thought the last three shows were very poor. The best part of all three was Dave talking about his "gained time experience" as I've also experienced it twice. The problem was that he and his friend wasted a good portion of the show in the lead up to the story. It seemed to go on forever before...
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    Oct 19 - Siani: Break-out paranormal star of 2008

    I have to say I enjoyed this show immensely. Siani's stories were quite interesting. I found David's story even more facinating as I have previously posted two gained time experiences of my own on the paracast site and, like David, was very bothered by the incidences. To this day I look for an...
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    Anyone An Amateur Astronomer?

    what you saw was part of the iridium satellite system. there are a number of these satellites which orbit the earth and they are accompanied by intermittent flashes, sometimes quite bright though brief. I forget the purpose of them but you can check them out on wikipedia probably.
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    Poll: Do you want to hear of David's stories?

    I think hearing about Dave's stories are fine but maybe the show should expand it's format and find other people (possibly memebers of the forum) that have had experiences and interview them, too. Not that I don't like Dave but two hours only dave might be little much. There are so many more...
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    the show was good and interesting!

    Dear Dave and Gene, I was critical of the previous show but I have to say this latest one was interesting. Your guest, though not necessarily the expected, was informed and newsworthy, he had something to say and said it well. It delved into not only the field of ufology but into the parnormal...
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    Since I was about ten.

    As for my other witnesses they saw what I did at the time and in discussing the sighting with them our recollections pretty much matched up. since my experiences I have lost touch with the fellow whowas with when I was ten. My ex-wife and I don't discuss much any more. So I really don't know how...
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    I have one or two more to pass along,these are paranormal.

    In 1998, my first wife and I had seperated and I was living by myself in the house we had both occupied. One night after returning late from work, I had supper and sat down to watch some tv. At about 1:00 am I decided to get up and go to bed. Our living room was seperated from our dining room by...
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    Since I was about ten.

    I became interested in ufo's at about ten or eleven, that would make it 1964 or so. a friend and I were playing guns in my backyard when we both saw something pass over the city of Brandon, Manitoba going from west to east. just lights, I'll admit, but lights which neither of us had seen before...
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    I was disappointed.

    Dear Dave and Gene, If that is the best show you can put together (refering to tonight's) it was pathetic. Your guest obviously was not even familiar with what he was writing about, he was merely regurgitating information provided by someone else. He could not even affirm that he believed what...
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    my views on ancient civilizations, if anyone cares?

    I have taken courses in anthropology/archaeology at university and was always annoyed by the prevailing attitudes of academics. Our professor who taught field work would only allow excavation down to the level of glacial till (a layer of gravel deposited at the end of the last ice age). I asked...
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    Gained Time experience

    My enthusiasim got the best of me, sorry. I am very pleased with the responses this inquiry recieved. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. In my case to be more specific, I was driving over very familiar terrain, knowing the distances, speed and times involved. One incident took place on...
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    Gained Time experience

    I am very interested in gained time experiences as opposed to missing time. These incidents may or may not be associated with ufo phenomenon. I have had two such experiences in my life that I am aware of (arriving while driving somwhere ahead of schedule, with a known portion of the drive not...