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Since I was about ten.


Paranormal Novice
I became interested in ufo's at about ten or eleven, that would make it 1964 or so. a friend and I were playing guns in my backyard when we both saw something pass over the city of Brandon, Manitoba going from west to east. just lights, I'll admit, but lights which neither of us had seen before, not planes, and their were few things in orbit then. It amazed me so much that I made a note in an old set of encyclopedias that I owned. It was september. I went to the local library and took out every book on ufo's I could find and read them all. I also began reading physics and astronomy books. In school I would piss off my physics teachers by asking questions thay could not answer.

In 1978, while living in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan my wife and I observed four ufo's cross the sky west to east. We had just returned home on a friday night from having pizza and were standing in our driveway at about 9:30 pm in late august or early sept. The lead light was red and when directly above us did a nintey dergree turn, at high speed, turning to the the north. It was followed by three white lights. The first white light continued east passed the point where the red light had turned, it then stopped on a dime, returned to the point in the sky where the red light had turned (completely reversing direction) and proceeded after the red light. The trailing two white lights both made a nintey degree going north at the point where the first light turned and chased the red light. These objects went north passed some trees on the other side of our street and went out of sight. Upon entering our basement suite I called the local airport to see if there was anything on radar that explained what we had seen (we lived near the airport). (Regina is only about 45 miles from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, which is the home of the Snowbirds, canada's arobatic jet team). The Regina Airport informed me that there was nothing in the air prior to my call and that nothing was flying from MooseJaw air force base at that time. i have no expalination for what we saw nor can I explain how any aircraft can turn ninety degrees at a high rate of speed or stop and reverse direction doing the same. these were true ufo's, unidentified flying objects.

Some years later, after my wife and I had children, we were living in Brandon, Manitoba and on a long weekend in July decided to go and camp at the Spruce Woods camp grounds about 40 miles east of Brandon. As it was a busy weekend we were given a camp site in the overflow section. this would have happened in about 1988 or so. Late in the evening my wife and kids went to bed and being an amateur astronomer I took advantage of the dark night to make some observations using a pair of 10*50 binoculars to star gaze. At about 12:00 am, that night, I initially noted a flight of five white lights in a vee formation, at what I assumed to be very high altitude, pass from the south (from the United States over my position and turn east heading toward Portage la Prarie). I assumed at the time that this may be a flight of B-52 nuclear bombers on some type of a training flight, as this was not unheard of at the time, flying out of north or south dakota. Then over the next hour of so, my opinion changed, as I watched, literally, wave upon wave of these lights come from the south, pass over my position, some turning east and some proceeding to the north. I must have witnessed hundreds of these lights over the next hour to hour and half. I woke my wife so she could witness them, after observing them for about ten minutes, she returned to bed without much comment. To this day I have know idea what these objects were but I am convinced they were not conventional aircraft.

What I saw and experienced were what I would call Ufo's. In each case there were multiple observers, so I wasn't imagining them. In each case they made turns or showed flight characteristics that were not explainable based on known technology. Were they extraterrestial flying saucers, I don't know. I do know that at the time they could not have been conventional aircraft, or space debris re-enterring the atmosphere (I've seen that), or ball lightning (I've seen that), or meteors and bolides (I've seen both), They were something I cannot explain. They were unidentified flying objects.


Skilled Investigator
Thanks for the report, TomD.

I'm curious because of my experiences since my first sighting. My husband and I saw our craft and I began to describe to him what I was seeing as we watched it. I did that for confirmation that we were both seeing the same thing, given the subjective nature of perception.

While at the time we agreed to its shape being cylindrical, he now tells the story that it was saucer shaped. He truly remembers it that way! If I hadn't immediately written it down for a report to Nuforc, I'm wondering if I might remember it differently.

So I'm asking if your other witnesses remember the sightings as you do now. I'm a bit obsessive about inquiring because it's hard to find people who witness in groups and my spouse's memory blows my mind.


Paranormal Novice
As for my other witnesses they saw what I did at the time and in discussing the sighting with them our recollections pretty much matched up. since my experiences I have lost touch with the fellow whowas with when I was ten. My ex-wife and I don't discuss much any more. So I really don't know how they would describe what we saw then, currently. My observations were mostly lights in the sky, which usually don't impress me as ufo reports go. In my defence I can only say that in the three experiences I had these lights displayed actions that were not consistent with convential explainations.