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I have one or two more to pass along,these are paranormal.

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Paranormal Novice
In 1998, my first wife and I had seperated and I was living by myself in the house we had both occupied. One night after returning late from work, I had supper and sat down to watch some tv. At about 1:00 am I decided to get up and go to bed. Our living room was seperated from our dining room by a conversion from carpet to linoleum. I used the remote to turn off the tv and headed from the living room to the dining room. As I stepped from the living room carpet to the linoleum the tv turned itself back on. I stopped, returned to the living room and again turned off the tv with the remote, thinking that possibly the remote had malfunctioned, I made a point of turning the infra-red sensor away from the tv. Again, when I left the living room the tv turned itself back on at the exact time I stepped on to the linoleum floor in the dining room. A feeling came over me that I cannot explain and as I returned to the living room I felt that my Grandfather, who had died some years before, was in the room. Out loud, I spoke to him and told him I had to get up in the morning and really had to go to bed. I told him I knew he was there and asked him not to turn the tv back on as I had to get to bed. I turned the tv off and left the room, this time it stayed off. Not sure if this was a paranormal experience or not but it certainly made me wonder.

Another paranormal event that happened to me took place in the summer of 1975. I was driving a five ton truck for a dairy company from Brandon, Manitoba to Winnipeg and back, picking up supplies and food items. On this day driving to Winnipeg from Brandon I had a situation arise that resulted in me rolling the truck near Portage la Prairie about halfway to Winnipeg. As luck would have it I was unhurt and caught a ride with another company truck who happened along going from Winnipeg to Brandon. The first thing I did when I got to Portage la Prairie was phone my wife to tell her I was alright as I thought she might of heard about the accident on the radio at here work. When I called her and told what happened but that I was fine she was relieved. Then in the next sentence she told me that my mother had called her at work only a short time earlier and asked if I was alright. My wife had told her I had gone to work that morning and everything was fine. My mother told she had a bad feeling and just thought she should call. (As a side note I think it was the only time my mom phoned my wife at work). I told my wife to call my mom back and tell her I was fine. It's strange but that is not the first time in my life that has happened, seems my mom always knows whenever something bad is going to happen to me.