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    2nd test affirms faster-than-light particles

    Don't get me wrong, the scientific method is the best tool we have available and it has helped make monumental advances in our knowledge. It's the humans that screw it up or become so adherent to any popular paradigm that it becomes blasphemy to even allow themselves to think outside it.
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    2nd test affirms faster-than-light particles

    Well, the speed of light is one of the most tested of all physics laws and has never been overturned. Until perhaps now. This makes me wonder about the hardcore hubris that science seems to portray. It's such an arrogant notion to convey the idea that science has a monopoly on how everything...
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    2011 Mass Sightings, Fleets & Media Coverage.. What Does This All Mean?

    It means you have been reading too many AllNewsWeb and Examiner articles! Keep looking and when you have some good evidence we'd all love to see it. Not tyrying to be an ass but I just don't see it the same way. Where is all the evidence for these UFO fleets and mass sightings that are...
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    10th Anniversary of 9/11

    My guess is that they didn't think they would be purposely crashing into a building killing everyone. Many hostage situations take awhile with the pilots rarely killing themselves. They might have thought to sit quiet and wait for the ransom/terms or whatever. Maybe Flight 93 had different...
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    Can't a Psychic make a buck??

    Just when you thought there was no money in being a psychic,.... and here I thought people like this were simply trying to help make life better. Better for themselves I guess. Something about a fool and their money...
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    The tactics of the JREF

    I agree that many forums can and are full of completely biased A-holes. They don't want any logical and rational discourse. This is true for all kinds of forums where people hide behind avatars and proclaim "their" truth without any work from themselves. Plain and simple there are just jerks...
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    Guest suggestion: Erling Strand (Project Hessdalen)

    My first post ever to these forums some years back was this exact suggestion. It's funny because Hessdalen has documented pictures, video, testimony, etc. It's an ongoing phenomena although it isn't as active as it seemed to be in the 80's. The weird thing about Hessdalen though is that it is...
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    Skeptics rejoice.

    This is the one thing I forgot to mention. I know many of you have had personal experiences. And I'm quite sure this changes a person. I have nothing to offer here since I've never had one, ... and quite frankly don't want. But the fact is some of you have seen things that I can barely imagine...
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    Skeptics rejoice.

    I think the point is that it doesn't indicate an extraterrestrial presence as so many researchers have said and what Tyder is saying. SOMETHING going on is a far cry from ET. And just because something defies a normal explanation it doesn't mean it has no explanation, ... even a terrestrial...
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    Skeptics rejoice.

    yep, have to agree. I had a renewed interest in the subject about 6 years ago or so. The gullibility and desire factor for wanting to find some real evidence was pretty high. I mean why not right?? Maybe we have been visited, ... maybe this paranormal stuff does exist. But as I kept my eye out...
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    Glasgow UFO

    looks like it might be a reflection of some sort off the window he was filming through.
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    In your opinion, who/what is God ?

    I can respect that. At least you're not afraid to say what you really feel. In the end it doesn't matter really at all. Either you're thrown into heaven or hell or simply the lights go out. You're either judged or not. If it makes your life better somehow, ... if it makes you behave in a way...
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    New Roswell Evidence

    One of the biggest complaints concerning the UFO world is the tenuous data. There is no repeatability. There are rarely ever any follow up work and further testing. Lots of people have had these kinds of materials, but they often get lost, or "confiscated", and who knows. You know, real stuff...
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    In your opinion, who/what is God ?

    I wouldn't presume to know. Perhaps it just popped into existence out of nothing like anything else that we are routinely told happens. Perhaps it was just kicking back at it's computer terminal and decided to write a program called "universe 1.0:Simulated Reality". Perhaps "god" is the quantum...
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    In your opinion, who/what is God ?

    Funny, ... I searched and searched for a thread with nothing coming up in the search. But I asked a similar question years ago and did a poll. The basis of the question (although the question and answers were changed by the moderators back then) is this: Was an intelligent agent involved in the...