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    Time Traveler at Mike Tyson Fight?

    lol. Can't argue with Vulcan logic. I've never seen these cameras before. Seems about right. Do you know what kind of film it used? and is it a camera or a video camera?
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    Time Traveler at Mike Tyson Fight?

    A video has emerged of a person filming a 1995 Tyson fight with a smart phone. Thought it was interesting. Could this be a time traveler?
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    UFO Filmed by ISS Turns in Mid Space

    A UFO was just filmed this November by the International Space Station. This one is a bit different than the ones you normally see. From AUR:
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    NASA Picture shows what looks like old ruins

    I've always heard this one called Bigfoot on Mars never the lady on the rock. lol
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    NASA Picture shows what looks like old ruins

    What do you think? Is this an old ruin from an ancient civilization?
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    Bill Clinton says he looked but found no aliens at area 51

    Bill Clinton ‘Wouldn’t be Surprised’ if Aliens Exist - ABC News
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    What Kind of Car Do You Drive?

    I haven't driven my own car in years because I sold my car and moved to So Cal. After living there for a while I moved to Denver and just use their car share programs if I even need one. So I guess I don't own a car anymore, but drive some real weird ones from the car share programs. Whatever...
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    Take Two and DON'T call me in the mourning...

    Yes. Some people really do need the medication. As you said thought there is a lot of abuse going on with the patients and the doctors.
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    Old Pub in Britain Catches Ghost on Security Cam

    Video and news story
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    UFO Filmed in Mexico

    Yeah laying down and looking up during their mid day siesta!
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    UFO Filmed in Mexico

    I don't have much information about this video, but it was supposedly taken in Mexico earlier this year. The video itself is pretty poor and shaky at first, but at the end the filmer zooms in and you get a pretty good shot of the UFO. It doesn't really look like any of the normal stuff...
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    UK Airplane Has Close Encounter with UFO

    Yeah, it's really putting your reputation on the line when you report something like this. He must have been pretty damn sure that it was there.
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    The NSA is Coming to Town - ACLU Parody

    The NSA has been spying on us and the ACLU is trying to get the public worked up over so something can be done about it. They just produced this parody that I think is pretty good...
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    Is Podesta the Key to UFO Revelations?

    Maybe, but I doubt it. I would think if he did have that information he would have announced it already. Not really any reason not to. Also seems like a different department would have that info not the NSA.