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Tyder's Apology

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The Pair of Cats

a.k.a Philip Deane
And thats what some of us are doing now, get over it you pompus idiot.

No wonder you sympathize with Steve, its the same "Do as i say but not as i do" hypocrisy.

Do you really believe the opinion of someone who claims, what was it an 80 percent success rate in their psychic readings ? is worth anything to me ?

Bwaaahh ha ha ha

Your just another head up the ass delusional Woo merchant.

Did you really just tell us you reserve the right to give shit back to those who give it to you, while simultaneously having the pompus arrogance to lecture some of us for doing the same ?

You bloody hypocrite, delusional, self serving woo pedling hypocrite

Come back when you have learned how to use some critical thinking.

80 percent sucess rate psychic..... nahhhhh matey 100 percent sucess rate BS artiste

I'll let danny respond to your claims of psychic ability
Awww got your feelings hurt did you Mike? Big bad DannyTorrance called you out for parading around in your Storm trooper outfit did he? Diddums. Get over it Mike.
Go ahead, try and bait me. It wont work. I don't care what you say here to me. You spend too much time posturing on forums. Get out and experience the great outdoors away from your computer for 5 minutes. it wont bite. Or maybe it will, Mike. Maybe that is why your here. Get over it.
When i started on this i asked for some understanding about WHY Steve may have done this. Aiming this mostly at ALL persons on these forums including, but not focusing on you and Ricky.
I'm not trying to change YOUR mind Mike and/or Ricky's. It was just a plea for a mate. I would do it for any friend i thought was in trouble. You obviously have nothing better to do with your life than to worry about a forum poster who abused you. Forget for a moment he used a sock puppet account to do so. Who cares if he did that or not. It is irrelevant.
Gene, our beloved leader, has taken a far more level headed and fair minded approach. It's a pity you don't seem able to do the same.
Even taken into account you are trying to bait me with that above post, what you write here on these forums is far worse than any "DannyTorrance" mischief. Far worse.
Is this the real Mike we have here? Is this the Mike who is always threatening to appear all this time but it has taken me to release the real you? Or did Steve/Danny do that? Are you sitting typing your responses in your Storm Trooper outfit while fondling your Princess Leia doll? GET OVER IT MIKE.
And by the way, nice try champ but your attempt at vitriolic ranting could use a bit of work.
You have demonstrated to me over the short period of this discourse just how petty and small minded some here can really be. You justify acting like a dickhead because Steve was to you. How petty and insignificant. When all you have to do is use the ignore button if he EVER comes back.
Oh and did you even consider that he probably wont be back, champ? Probably the main reason he doesn't need to be banned is because he most likely wont be back, you moron.
But of course your super intellect probably just got sidetracked by your snivelling ego quivering with rage in the corner next to your Star Wars DVD collection.

So to all you OTHER forum member who aren't MIKE, I would just ask for some small consideration for Steve. He was a great member of these forums who has recently taken a sideways step into the badlands. He has made some very bad choices and decisions lately and hurt some other long standing members feelings along the way. While that behavior CANNOT AND WILL NOT be condoned (you feeling me Mikey?) It maybe a cry for help and while not an excuse (you there Ricky?) it may serve as a reason.
He has apologised and banned himself from the forums. Although this is not as permanent as Mike and others would like because as we all know they know better than Gene.
How all or any of you view and treat Steve's actions are of course your own business and you are welcome to it. I AM NOT TRYING TO CHANGE ANYONE"S MIND, rather to add some perspective. Something that YOU should get a good dose of, Mike.

Bob Watson

Paranormal Adept
ok since this has sparked a discussion I will say this openly I do not like when any one postt a word about faith of any kind there are those who attack the posters faith. I do not like it to the point I won't post on faith and asked my wife to do the same.


Staff member
All Right You All! I think this bullshit has gone on long enough. Tyder is busted, we know who the sock puppet was, the forum members who were abused by him have seen vindication. Earlier I said how proud I have always been of The Paracast because of enlightened and civil discourse. What you say we get back to that and enough of the horseshit sniping, kay?

Not open for further replies.