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  • Has Don Ecker left us for good? If he hasn't would someone tell me where to find his shows. We miss you Mr. Ecker.
    I also miss Don Ecker and Bill Birnes. Can you invite them to the Paracast?
    Mr Siverback, I lost track of your show back when you interviewed Billy Cox back in March. I was going to join kgra recently but I couldn't find you on the menu and they refuse to answer my inquires. Long time listener with similar backgrounds and am missing Dark Matters. Still on air?
    Hey Don welcome back! When will fridays show be up on the website, or Stitcher? It is Mark from Wilmington NC . The midnight start time on the east coast got me again!
    I just watched a 1996 presentation by Alex Collier - now, he is even whackier than Steven Greer, on about Andromedans & 'vibrations'. But, in his pres there were a number of great lunar phots showing strange stuff. I've not seen them elsewhere. Do you have any of these photos he used? If they are genuine NASA etc, then there seem to be far more lunar anomalies than I'd been aware of.
    Don, I enjoyed your overview of the tumultuous 60's. Great job in conveying the surreal and manic intensity of that era. One of the few bright spots of the decade was indeed the Apollo landings. The other was the timeless music. Hendrix, Joplin, The Stones, The Beatles, Clapton and too many more to mention. Hey, this old fart is biased! But IMO that great music will last a long long time.
    Don, I notice you seem especially interested in things lunar, especially LTPs and the abrupt termination of manned lunar exploration. I'm convinced the Apollo astronauts came away from their experience emotionally changed in a way that does not quite add up. Do you know of anyone who has seriously researched this topic and published findings?
    Hi There, I'd like to use the info from your Top 10 Tricks skeptics use in an article on our website. Is that something you came up with on your own? Is it copyrighted by you or someone else? What are your sources?

    J.R. Murphy
    USI Calgary
    UFO - Unidentified Flying Object
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