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name for Rich's new dog!


Paranormal Novice
Here's a suggestion for your new dog Rich-and congrats by the way lol love dogs-my parents have a sweetheart yellow lab and puppy Great Dane (their harlequin passed away in April he was almost 12! Loved & miss that big guy! His name was Zane. I do like the name Blue though ,I'm suggesting the name Zeus- a strong/powerful name for a big dog . When I was growing up we had 2 Dalmatians and the male was named Zorro-he was pretty big too. Just throwing some names out there lol


Paranormal Maven
Speaking of Rich's dog, here is a photo I took of him last week when Vicki and I went up to meet him! What a beauty.


Great shot, Don-that's our newbie-105 pounds of fun! Zeus, Titan, Blue, Optimus(Prime), Chewbaca are some of the names in the running round here. I like Zeus too, Shygirl..so we'll see how the four of us finally decide...


Paranormal Adept
Dog lovers anonymous here (no, not that dirty).Thor sounds good, but I still got Oscar myself here. What kind of 'pet' they prefer, apparently says a lot about a person.We're dog people, so don't worry. ;)
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Paranormal Adept
Here are some names;
Charles (The First)
Horatio (Horn Blower)
Lord Pickles
Godfrey Raffleston (The Gentleman dog)
Louie Louie
Gordon Bennet
Burlington Bertie


Skilled Investigator
That is a beautiful dog you have there. I suggest you name it Po. Then when people see you two walking their way they can say, "Oh look, here comes Rich and Po." ;)


Paranormal Maven
That is a beautiful dog you have there. I suggest you name it Po. Then when people see you two walking their way they can say, "Oh look, here comes Rich and Po." ;)

Then I could write Po&Richard's Almanac, documenting the on going saga of the endless ways Po, as others of his species, care for and train their human pets.


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
I think I see a resemblance here


The Dude


Paranormal Adept
Im always partial to Deefer, (D for dog)
I had one called Boon (we kept him from a litter we bred, so he was a bonus ,a Boon so to speak)
A benefit bestowed, especially one bestowed in response to a request. 2. A timely blessing or benefit

Boris is another great dog name, but it better suits the flat faced breeds imo

And "The butler", because there is nothing funnier than catching the butler at doggy deeds like drinking from the toilet.

And if you accidently let fluffy off the chain, you can "blame the dog" with "The butler did it"