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name for Rich's new dog!


Paranormal Adept
The pic so much reminds me of a Golden Retriever we used to have. I acquired him one day as he was lost and trying to stop cars at one of the area lakes. I stopped and rolled down the window and he stuck his big paws in the car, and that was that. What a character.

I usually watch new pets a while before naming them because they have a way of naming themselves by way of their personalities. Oh yeah---somewhat my imagination. But each one can be pretty unique.


Staff member
So anyway, Big Red, as I call Richie's dog ... will be coming to live with us for about a week. Richie and crew are heading outta town for a few days, so I said SHURE, bring Red over. Well he did ... we wanted to see how Little Joey and Miss Jade missJade.JPG got along with Red. WEll, first thing my "little lady" did was try to hump ol' Red. Kinda funny cause he is about 9 times her size!

Will TRUE LOVE win out? We will see .........



Paranormal Adept
Dogs will be dogs..first time I saw Oscar (big black Labrador) sniffing a Cocker Spaniels bottom, I had to hold on to the leash like some strong men..