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  • Not-knowing is true knowledge.
    Presuming to know is a disease.
    First realize that you are sick;
    then you can move toward health.
    The "Trained Observer" username is a bit of a Ufological joke. In UFO literature references are often made about the lack of any "trained observers" around when UFOs show up. As far as training goes, I'm trained to operate the remote and to program the DVR and observe the results.
    The UFO community and related organizations are stages on which sock-puppets act out carefully crafted plays designed to mold opinion and control the perception of activities involving the development and weaponization of new technologies. I could be wrong of course but that is my tentative conclusion.
    Cast to earth from the tail of a passing comet, possessing strange powers and abilities that give him a slight rash upon use, he fights a never-ending battle with an ever growing comic book collection.
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