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    Goodbye and good luck.

    Goodbye and good luck.
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    Aliens on the Moon? (oh my!)

    Like most here I looked forward to SyFy’s Aliens On The Moon. The Truth Exposed and like many I was very disappointed when it aired. Although I have to say the title and the teaser with the Hoagland surrogate Bara, pretty much set the stage for disaster. When they made Ron Collins appear to be...
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    Paul Kimball's an…

    It won't be discussed here that is for sure. Historically speaking, if it is, it will be censored and the poster banned.
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    Paul Kimball's an…

    This isn't about Paul Kimball's or David's personalities though is it? It's about something that Lance was at first censored and then banned for bringing up in the "What car do you drive thread." What a circus.
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    April 13, 2014 Listener Roundtable

    That is just your opinion Randall. Not a statement of fact, and not something I care to argue ...endlessly.
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    I warned you. Godzilla is not dead.

    I really want one of those "rising sun" posters. The ones sold on ebay are small things. I need a full size one to replace the Godzilla 1985 poster that hung my office for years.
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    How To Sell Your Soul with Kai Blackwood

    A very strange interview followed by the movie itself. Ouija boards, aliens, gods, demons, Childhood's End, unwise career moves, and goofy rock roll hair. A Hollywood cautionary tale.
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    Interesting UFO Video from Netherlands. Blue UFO -

    All it is, probably all it ever will be, is an image of a unidentified flying object, which happens to look like a classic saucer on video. It doesn't do anything to make me think anything else.
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    The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever Is....

    Elliott Randall's on Steely Dan's "Reelin' in the Years."
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    Interesting UFO Video from Netherlands. Blue UFO -

    It could several different things, the least probable on the list being a real flying saucer. It is literally impossible to tell from a youTube video of this kind. I still like the image though.
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    The Cool Thing About Jesus

    I think it would more properly called the human imagination. More energy/frequency/density/vibration mumbo-jumbo, or uh ... pseud0-spritual-science (ouch).
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    Butch Witkowski just wont go away.

    For example, google the man in question. The only references to the truth of the matter are in this forum! One other reference mentions it in passing, but that is it.
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    The Afterlife Investigations - The Scole Experiments.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, know how it goes. My point being, I personally cannot muster up any enthusiasm for it based on its strong resemblance to spiritualist nonsense of the past.
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    Butch Witkowski just wont go away.

    Is it that the subject commands a large and decentralized audience whose disconnectedness allows frauds to remain active even after being exposed?
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    Dr Richard Alan Miller

    Ha, ha, ha, ha. No. (my Miller impression) He makes numerous and sundry claims. Everything from being the inspiration for the X-Files, working for OSI, to handling strange artifacts of unknown origin, and all sorts of other things. A Paracast guest if I've ever heard one.