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    Thoughts on the Trickster

    Ufology & The Trickster Blowfish, thanks for relating that incredible story. It is comforting to hear of the same phenomenon from others. I sometimes hear descriptions of these experiences as products of the "imaginal" realm. While there is certainly no proof of an imaginal realm, the word...
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    Thoughts on the Trickster

    Ufology & The Trickster Thank you, bbridges. I came back expecting to be skewered and find that we agree on the nebulous nature of the exchange. Seems to me that it is to become what I will make it, or I will just leave it as confirmation that there are sometimes strange rewards for giving up...
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    Thoughts on the Trickster

    Ufology & The Trickster Hi, Chris. Just scanned this thread and decided to commit suicide by admitting to a fairly recent visit from my Trickster. I do buy because I can’t explain what happened to me. I’ve tried to reduce it to coincidence, but I can’t leave it there either. I’ll try to...
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    Angel, I share your skepticism to a certain degree. I don't know what the thing was either except that it looked to be a craft, given justcurious' description. But you did jump to the conclusion that he meant it was alien. I think you have to be very careful not to read into anyone's posts...
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    July 4, 2010 Episode - Walter Bosley

    Ron said: I have to agree with some of that, given that I think I've had more than four experiences in my lifetime. I'm sixty so maybe that could account for a slightly higher number, but after the first event (not an abduction) my world view was changed. I think there's more than meets the...
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    Further discussion of Hypnosis goes here

    Paraschtick, sorry I never got back to you until now. I just pop in when I think I have some time now. Busier, that's all. Can't remember where I read the suggestions on how to attempt self-hypnosis, but it's pretty easy if you're in a mood to relax anyway. I just lay down and took three...
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    So who among you has actually had a sighting?

    My two sightings are buried here so I’ll repeat them because they are so very different. I tend to leave out the weirder parts of each experience, but I won’t do that now. In June of 2000 (could have been 2001, but I forget) my husband and I sat on a porch at about 8:20 p.m. on Lake Travis...
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    Bishop, Bosley - May 30th

    Excuse me. I liked the hell out of the interview and I liked Bosley. Enjoyed everyone’s participation, in fact. Also felt a large degree of empathy of Walter’s telling of his experiences. He seemed to get wound up in the telling, anticipating just the reaction he seems to be getting, and...
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    April 25th, O'Brien, Mott, Greenfield, Clelland, Bosley

    I've read the first couple of pages in this thread and apologize for not having read what may be very interesting posts in the interim. Forgive me if I beat a dead horse, but we've heard plenty of discussion on the ETH for many, many years. I was thrilled to listen to something new without the...
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    Further discussion of Hypnosis goes here

    My two cents late in the game ... I used self hypnosis years ago as a way to relax in the afternoons. I left the sessions open-ended so that I could fall asleep or just meditate for a while. But after several weeks, I began to have strange dreams as well as a heightened sense of intuition...
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    One of my experiences

    New stuff In a way, I envy your knowing how to induce the state, but my experience, oddly pleasant as it was, also weirded me out. I never made progress with more of the discs so I put them away until I could process how I really feel about "going there." On a lark, sure, it's incredibly...
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    Random Things That Need Attention

    Damn. We touched on the woo woo and the practical. Some people are just hard to please.
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    Anyone know where HotMail went???

    I called my son, but he couldn't remember the specifics either. Bleah. He's going to ask his roommate and get back to me. Could be a wait since my son's memory is worse than mine. :confused: :D Glad you got it back.
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    Anyone know where HotMail went???

    My son mentioned hotmail's having been compromised in some way lately. I didn't pay attention because I hear from him often enough to forego emailing him, but he said something about having routed his hotmail account through gmail somehow. Didn't make a lick of sense to me, but his roommate is...
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    One of my experiences

    New stuff When the Monroe Institute had their series of hemi-sync discs on sale near Xmas so I bought the series. Good thing, the prices are steep again now. But when I finally got myself relaxed enough to just go with whatever I might experience, I saw similar things that you describe...