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    The Roswell Slides Have Been Leaked Online

    Check please! I'm done. I was not that big of a contributor anyway. My only observation of this entire field is that if anyone thinks the government is still waging a war of disinformation needs to have their head examined. The "government" does nothing but sit back and marvel over how the...
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    Stanton T. Friedman — August 3, 2014

    He plans to be back on the stage sometime next month. Great news.
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    Don Berliner, August 10, 2014

    A very enjoyable interview. I have never heard Don on a show before. Very good.
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    Stanton T. Friedman — August 3, 2014

    Okay! So here I am watching shark week and there is this 6 foot blue shark ripping a new asshole in some unsuspecting fish! Hummmm! Kinda like this thread I am reading right now. I have the sound down and I'm listening to the Don Berliner interview. Now this is one for the ages. It is lightyears...
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    This week will be a Gene & Chris Talk Shop episode" Questions?

    I think Jim Marrs as a guest would be a hoot! I don't know if you guys ever discussed this angle but I would love to hear you folks chat about all of these ufo shows and documentaries and youtube uploads.... which ones are good? And, maybe, the overriding question is - where did we go wrong...
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    Alien Hunter, Derrel Sims

    I knew it was around the 2007 Roswell event. For your listening pleasure.... June 3, 2007 — Derrel W. Sims and Tracie Austin-Peters | The Paracast — The Gold Standard of Paranormal Radio
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    Alien Hunter, Derrel Sims

    I'm surprised he had the balls to make a return appearance. That first show was a hoot from beginning to end.
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    catch up interview

    Don is always a great listen. I have to chuckle a bit over the fact that I am listening to the current publishers of UFO mags radio show. The guest I am listening to, Bryce Zabel, is a great listen no matter what show he is appearing on.
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    The Great Aztec Debate

    My point exactly. I posted this link in response to Jimi Justin's apparent anger over Kevin Randle's "treatment" (my word) of Scott Ramsey. I just thought that Jimi Justin would like to read Kevin explain himself in regards to the debate. The point Kevin makes overall about the validity of...
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    The Great Aztec Debate

    Kevin Randle writes an interesting rebuttal to this debate on Frank Warren's UFO Chronicles website..... The Great Aztec [UFO Incident] Debate on The Paracast
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    richard hogland's new insane therory

    This crap drives me crazy.
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    The Great Aztec Debate

    I would love to have walked away from this debate thinking that Scott Ramsey had really broken the case open in my ears. That is not the case. Without benefit of Kevin Randle it now appears to me that Aztec is a great story. But that's all. I'd love to see more evidence to change my mind!
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    archie comics changes

    Archie was my favorite in the late 60's - early 70's. Change is the one constant I guess.
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    archie comics changes

    Yeah. I had one as well.