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    Is Jeff Willes for real?

    I don't know if David or Gene have looked into him, but Willes has acquired quite a bit of UFO footage from the Arizona area. But anyone who calls themself "Arizona's first and foremost UFO hunter" needs to be punched. It's fishy to say the least, but his "luck and timing" have been exquisite...
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    I was disappointed.

    Well db, that sense of entitlement has been afforded by the canon of your past guests which usually are pretty good and oftentimes, great. Feel free to take that as a compliment. But, this was an absolute joke of a show. I know you guys want to expose frauds, but this was like fly meets...
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    Alex Jones and hecklers

    I like Alex, and I have to admit that was pretty sweet.
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    Questions for Linda Moulton Howe

    First, I would ask her about being a rude bitch and how she justifies 100 percent of all her work to be legit science. Secondly, I would ask her how Richard Doty was able to rope-a-dope someone like her with her hard news background so easily (She couldn't explain this to Binnall and quickly...
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    I was disappointed.

    My question is why even waste our time? So you guys welcomed on a straw man for two hours, nice. This could have been handled with a 10-minute segment after some other show. There's better guests out there, now get them.
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    Disclosure and it difficulties

    If disclosure ever happened it would have to be partial. Let's face it, the trail of bodies and secret projects would be too long and damaging to reveal. What's in it for the govt'? All it would do is make our military intelligence look bad. Why reveal shit? Stay the course with disinfo and...
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    My experience

    Thanks Mike. I'm 34 and based on the time of the incident in 1999 or 2000, I was 25 or 26 then. It's weird, I've always watched the skies and thought if I'd see one, I'd see a triangle, disc, rows of lights. This very nearly could have been considered celestial but -- I'm sorry meteor...
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    My experience

    This was probably 1999, I was working part-time in a lowly underling role at the Detroit Free Press. It was 7 at night, in winter. As I approached the building (the side that faces Fort st. for those who know what I'm talking about) I witnessed four or five Green-ish white large fire balls...
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    Dr. Steven Greer --> Here we go ...

    Dr. Steven Greer --> Here we go ... Let me get this off my chest before I ramble like a Greer-esque fillibuster session: I love the Paracast like a warm bowl of sonic soup on a rainy day. Gene is the man and Biedny has even grown on me like moss, but... It did seem like a set up, especially...
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    Your Favorite Show Moments

    The X-Conference recap was classic. It was like being there and having a seat at the table with friends, then having Bruce Maccabee sit down out of the blue was great. Of course, Biedny can be an angry drunk and chasing off Rob Simone was a bit much but not entirely unjustified (not to mention...
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    David Sereda now an END TIMES guy

    Of course, "because there's a war on for your mind ..." Alex Jones makes for hillarious theater.
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    David Sereda now an END TIMES guy

    Typical -- don't all frauds go this route? (see Cooper, Bill) I'm ashamed to admit I liked his Ackroyd doc (Meier stuff notwithstanding), mostly because I had never heard him before on C2C except for maybe once with Art. I remember thinking to myself, "Please stop talking about planting...
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    Pentagon to shoot down its own satellite

    I am really impressed we got to see it. Granted, who knows what they filtered out for us, but this was a pretty upfront (wait for it) disclosure. I did get a chuckle when I read off the Wired story that the government wasn't sure about the collateral damage that would be raining down into our...
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    the Dr. Richard Sauder ep was great

    I actually own one of his books, about secret underground bases, and it's pretty good. I definitley would like to hear him again on the Pcast. But... I didn't like when David asked him for details about when he was shot at, and Sauder wouldn't talk about it. It's like if you're in a...
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    behold a pale horse by william cooper

    Bored of UFOs (or unable to milk more money out of it) Cooper devolved into a survivalist wacko as part of the militia movement. Here's the story of his death: Officers kill militia voice; deputy shot Broadcaster was wanted man By Mark Shaffer The Arizona Republic Nov. 07, 2001...