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    Australia - Police raid Agape Ministries of God doomsday cult properties

    Seems like these types of "religious" mobs are everywhere and they are only "around the corner".. :eek: Police raid Agape Ministries of God doomsday cult properties | Adelaide Now
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    Forget About Bill Birnes Glasses... Whats up with Girogio Tsoukalos' Hair?

    Fne word sums it all up................. FAIL. :)
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    China's Empty City

    Painters and decorators, gardeners maybe... ? LOL :)
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    Your Most Annoying Conspiracy Theories?

    hmmm Mine would be that Michael Horn has all his faculties intact. (After seeing his "brilliant" performance at the 2007 UFO thing...)
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    David Huggins & Jim Moseley (Nov 15th 2009)

    ".....In space they can't hear you wet dream...... " And thats about where I sit on his story gang. :rolleyes:
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    DAVE BEINDY you have got to be kidding me!...

    With what Dave BENDY has seen,experienced and witnessed - I think it was only fair that he gave Doug the floor and right to explain his incidents and happenings. Thoughts on the matters are with the individuals listening. Sure, just like everyone, opinions have assholes too. :rolleyes: Cheers.
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    The December 20th Show.

    Just had to put our two cents worth in on this clown Kiviat. Dickhead. STFU. :cool: Congrats to Don, Dave and Gene's patience. It truly is the festive season. cheers, "may you recover well from your ordeals...."
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    Bill Chalker - Oct 11, 2009

    Being an Aussie myself, and somewhat used to many accents from around the globe - I had no problem. Other shows have much "crappier" audio, so I would think it was possibly the tech. regardless or not of some people not understanding our accent, the information and the researcher was...
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    Donna Teitz Hare NASA show

    Now thats awesome!!! Keep them coming... :D
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    Paracast/Dark Matters

    Really looking forward to someone asking "the hard questions" back... LOL 8)
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    Dark Matters Shows Available

    Thanks a lot Don for making your stuff available. I have really enjoyed the way you have presented both yourself and the guests, issues and topics. Cheers, and thanks. 8)
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    South American UFO Video (youtube)

    Hi there, I got this UFO video passed on from a friend of mine who heard something about it off of YouTube... anyone seen it or got any take on it? Cheers. "UFO releases Intelligent moving spheres" (first ever video footage)
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    UFO Hunters - Renew the Series?

    I thought the first series of UFO hunters was the best. It seemed to get out some cases that the mainsaty of people didnt know about. Second series was O....K.....A.....Y.... But a little "over the top" with its sensationalism and "Oh my God's..!!!" at almost every turn. I havent seen Series...
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    June 21,2009

    Thanks for this episode. This case has always fascinated me. I truly look forward to more on it. Cheers!! :cool:
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    June 28 2009... Nancy Talbot

    Well I have to admit that hearing Mrs BaconLettuceTomato made me really think of all those other shows I have heard and seen her on, being far more credible than this episode. It was a chore. Personally it sounded like Dave had a tough questions, she didnt want to directly reespond to his...